Teleflex webinar offers tips on how to choose auxiliary truck heaters

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Properly chosen auxiliary truck heaters this winter can save truck operators and fleets hundreds of dollars in fuel costs and reduce wear and tear on truck engines, while providing their drivers comfortable work environments. But even for experienced truck operators and fleet managers, questions may abound: What types of auxiliary heaters are available? How do they work? What are the installation requirements? How do you choose the right heater for your operations?

To answer those questions and others, Teleflex Power Systems will offer a series of free webinars. Teleflex Power Systems is a manufacturer of auxiliary power units and fuel-fired heaters, including the Proheat Air, which recently was introduced to the trucking industry in North America.

The first webinar will be held from 10 to 10:45 a.m. Tuesday, Oct. 16. The webinar is free, but registration is required for attendance. To register, visit the Teleflex Power Systems webinar registration site at Fill out the online form, submit it, and instructions on how to participate will be sent to your e-mail address.

Brian Curliss, product manager for Richmond, British Columbia-based Teleflex Power Systems, and Derek Pettingale, the company’s director of marketing, will lead the webinar. In addition to answers to the four previously mentioned questions, Curliss and Pettingale will discuss:

  • Calculating return on investment and payback for a heater purchase;
  • The role of heaters in meeting anti-idling restrictions;
  • Government programs in the United States and Canada that support the purchase of idle reduction products like heaters;
  • How many British thermal units (BTUs) are needed to heat a sleeper?;
  • Which makes more sense – auxiliary heater or APU?; and
  • How to equip auxiliary heaters to meet the needs of drivers. For example, should you choose manual or automatic starters? Air or coolant heaters?
  • “Winter is coming, and now is the time to get prepared,” Pettingale says. “Eliminating the all-too-common practice of idling the main engine to generate in-cab heat on cold nights is one of the easiest ways fleets can save money on fuel. Plus with more local, state and provincial governments passing anti-idling restrictions, fleets and owner-operators must find ways to eliminate idling during rest periods or risk the potential of huge fines. Auxiliary heaters offer one solution to this growing need.”