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Truck-Lite has released its Super 80 LED interior trailer lamps.

Super LED lamp
Truck-Lite has released its Super 80 LED interior trailer lamps, a line of brighter, white LED lamps designed to be direct replacements for many popular sizes and shapes. Each diode in the Super 80 consumes one-third the current of those in the Model 80, but the company says the Super 80’s 10-diode array almost doubles the useable light produced by its predecessor. The Super 80 lamp is up to four times brighter than the incandescent lamps it replaces, according to Truck-Lite. The aluminum housing weighs in at two pounds and has a recommended cutout of 16-by-4 inches; they are 1.1-inch thick, compared with 1 5/8-inch fluorescents, which leaves 1/2-inch more clearance for loads or loading equipment, the company points out. The lamp, which protrudes 0.1 inch above the mounting surface, is designed with a potting material that completely encapsulates the LED’s circuit board to facilitate resistance to shock, vibration and fluids from cleaning activities. Truck-Lite says the Super 80 will function from 7V to 16V, and its 10 LEDs will reach full brightness at 9.5V, helping to eliminate problems of low voltage.

Re-engineered compressor line
Everco Heavy Duty says its line of re-engineered compressors now contain ICE32, an additive for air-conditioning system lubricants designed to extend compressor life and improve the overall performance of mobile A/C systems by reducing friction and protecting metal surfaces. ICE32, which the company says is environmentally safe and contains no chlorinated compounds, is formulated to work year-round; it provides cooler air due to increased heat transfer, allowing the vehicle interior to cool faster while reducing humidity, according to Everco.
Everco Heavy Duty

Aluminum drop deck, frameless dump
Benson International says its redesigned all-aluminum drop deck trailer features a newly designed front deck frame, transition and main-frame inner crossmembers that offer superior strength and weight savings from the previous design. Other features, according to Benson, include:

  • Load capacity rating of 52,000 pounds in a four-foot span;
  • 10-foot front deck with models ranging from 48 to 53 feet in length;
  • Available with 22.5 and 19.5 rubber tires;
  • Five-year materials and workmanship warranty; and
  • Hendrickson HLS package with a five-year axle end warranty and extended service brakes.

Benson also has expanded its product line to include the Ironman Frameless Dump trailer. This application will allow the company to service the scrap metal and demolition markets with a “high-cube” frameless dump. Features of the Ironman Frameless, according to the company, include:

  • High-volume construction offering increased payload;
  • Lightweight design with AR450 material for added strength;
  • Spring plates in floor to lessen impact forces of materials loaded;
  • Fully welded construction for strength and longevity; and
  • Squared front to offer a higher cube capacity.

Benson International

Winter biodiesel treatments
In addition to providing superior cold weather protection, Penray says its reformulated Winter Pow-R Plus Biodiesel Fuel Treatment contains additives to help improve cetane, lubricity and fuel economy, as well as to help reduce emissions. According to the company, the fuel treatment – which is ultra-low-sulfur diesel-compliant and works in everything from B2 to B20 – improves cold-weather starting by preventing fuel gelling and ice crystal formation, reduces cold filter plug point by as much as 30 degrees Fahrenheit, stabilizes fuel and prevents corrosion.

Penray says it also has enhanced its Winter Blend Biodiesel Fuel Treatment for large storage tanks. The ULSD-compliant product – which also works in all blends from B2 to B20, according to the company – also is designed to reduce cold filter plug point by as much as 30 degrees F. Winter Blend, which is highly concentrated for bulk fuel tanks, helps prevent gelling and ice crystal formation, reduce emissions, improve fuel economy, stabilize fuel and prevent corrosion.

Bonded rubber hose line
Parker Hannifin Corp. designed its family of bonded rubber hydraulic hose, the Twin Tough Bonded Hose line, to eliminate the labor and material costs required to manually bundle two separate hoses using tie straps or plastic sleeves; and by eliminating the tie straps, Parker says the hoses won’t snag on workers or objects at the work site. The hoses are engineered with the Parker Tough Cover (TC) abrasion-resistant cover, which the company says provides 80 times more abrasion resistance than standard rubber hose. Designed specifically for the tough work environments regularly encountered in the hydraulic tool world, both the 451TC and 471TC Twin Tough hoses are built to provide long-lasting durability for extended field operation. The smooth finish on the cover helps prevent dirt buildup, making the hoses easy to clean, according to Parker. Designed for maximum bendability, the hoses – available in 25- and 50-foot lengths – feature a one-half SAE 100R1 / 100R2 minimum bend radius, facilitating easier handling and coiling on jobsites.

The 451TC Twin Tough bonded hose features a 3,000 pounds-per-square-inch constant working pressure in -6 (3/8-inch) and -8 (1/2-inch) sizes; one-wire braided construction; and an abrasion-resistant cover. The 471TC Twin Tough bonded hose features a 5,000 PSI constant working pressure in -6 (3/8-inch) size and 4,250 PSI in -8 (1/2-inch) size; two-wire braided construction; and an abrasion-resistant cover.
Parker Hannifan

Landing gear
Austin-Westran says its next-generation Constant Mesh Landing Gear (CMS3) offers superior performance and ease of operation. When coupled with its Speed Crank, CMS3 offers one of the easiest-to-operate landing gear systems available, according to the company. CMS3 has a unique look while incorporating the Constant Mesh design, which eliminates the old-fashioned ball-and-spring detent system while improving performance and maintenance issues, Austin-Westran says. CMS3 also comes with a durable powder-coat finish and plated shafts as standard; the powder-coat finish can be color-coordinated to match any trailer requirements.

Fuse blocks for accessories
Del City says its ATC/ATO fuse blocks are suited for noncrucial items like off-road lights, CB radios and stereo systems, helping to minimize connections and organizing the wiring system when supplementary accessory power requirements are desired due to aftermarket applications. The fuse block – designed to provide a centralized power distribution system – includes a cover, a gasket to help seal out dust and moisture, and .250-inch male terminals.
Del City

ASE test prep guide for techs
Delmar Learning has released its Medium/Heavy Duty Truck Technician Certification Test Preparation Manual, 2EI. Filled with updated content, practice tests and demonstrative graphics, this revised edition provides all the latest information required to prepare technicians for each of the T1-T8 certification exams, Delmar says. The book combines a clear writing style, in-depth coverage and abundant practice questions and tests to deliver a tool to help trucking technicians and students prepare for all eight areas of the certification exams, according to the company. Each chapter is devoted to covering one specific ASE truck test, resulting in eight core chapters that cover all the ASE tasks associated with each test, ASE-style questions to familiarize users with the testing format, and hints to encourage users to be actively involved in the problem-solving process, Delmar says. Pre-tests, post-tests and sample tests are accompanied by answers and answer analysis so users can receive immediate feedback.
Delmar Learning

Accident reconstruction kit
The DocuDent Auto Accident Kit provides a convenient resource designed to benefit drivers, assist police, inform the DMV and protect insurance companies in the event of an accident. The kit, which can be stored in a glove compartment, includes a reloadable camera with flash, accident documentation instructions, accident information form, measuring tape to measure skid marks, flashlight, pen and a whistle to gain the attention of potentially hostile drivers from other vehicles.

Flexible compressors
Everco Heavy Duty says its FLX7 compressor is suited for distributors who want to cover a majority of popular Sanden applications while minimizing inventory investment. Built off of the SD7H15 body, the FLX7 is designed with a flexible platform; it is available with either a direct- or ear-mount body and incorporates a GM pad-style rear head to utilize interchangeable fittings that adapt to multiple hose configurations. Customers also have the option of either a 12- or 24-volt clutch, with numerous pulley designs.
Everco Heavy Duty

Speed/space management program
J.J. Keller & Associates’ EYE ON Speed & Space Management training program is designed to capture drivers’ attention and enlist their active participation in building critical speed and space management skills. The program is anchored by a 30-minute closed-captioned video that uses a hazard perception challenge format to present “through the windshield” driving scenarios and challenge viewers with “what did you see”/”what would you do next” questions. The video covers a variety of topics, including seeing hazards, observing proper speed management and maintaining a safe space cushion. In addition to the video, the program includes a trainer’s guide that provides correct answers to the challenge questions, commentary on potential outcomes based on drivers’ reactions, and an overview of the topic.

Also included are 11 driver booklets to help reinforce key concepts, and 10 Video Scenario Review Blanks for drivers to record their answers.

Keller’s EYE ON Speed & Space Management is available on DVD (418-DVD) and VHS (418-K). The DVD format includes a recap of speed and space management guidelines, a “Message for Management,” additional commentary from industry professionals, and an interactive quiz with correct/incorrect remediation.
J.J. Keller & Associates

Moldable mat
New Pig says its moldable, absorbent Pig Bend n’ Shape Mat – which helps protect against potential slip and fall hazards – is designed to conform to virtually any shape to control condensation, leaks and drips. New Pig says the mat’s nonpermeable, heavy-duty foil backing creates a form-fitting leak barrier for most odd shapes, as well as difficult places like pipes, gear boxes, ductwork, hoses and HVAC units. Lightweight and easy to transport, the mat can be cut to its desired size and shape with scissors, and also can be shaped and used foil-side up to deflect leaks and drips, or funnel liquids away, according to the company.
New Pig Corp.

Weighing solution for auto haulers
Air-Weigh has designed an onboard scale solution to meet weighing challenges faced by auto haulers. Vehicles loaded onto stinger headramps normally put more weight on the steer and drive axles than a typical van or flatbed trailer. Air-Weigh says its auto hauler scale – which adds a deflection sensor for the steer axle – is designed to provide accurate weights for the steer, drive and trailer axles, along with GVW and net payload. The auto hauler scale includes components from Air-Weigh’s 5800 series in-dash tractor scale kit and its standard 5802 series trailer scale.

Hand-cleaning agents
Klein Tools has added four new products to its line of hand cleaners: Heavy-Duty Pumice Lotion (Cat. No. 51431), Orange Pumice Lotion (Cat. No. 51432) and Smooth Orange Lotion (Cat. No. 52433), which are available in 15-ounce bottles. The Orange Pumice Lotion also is available in a gallon container with pump (Cat. No. 51434). The company says the hand cleaners – which are fortified with skin conditioners, and may be used with or without water – contain premium-grade cleaning agents that effectively dissolve grease, paints, inks and hard-to-remove soils. All of the hand cleaners contain glycerin, aloe vera, jojoba, wheat germ oil and vitamin E; the Heavy-Duty Pumice Lotion also contains lanolin. Klein says its hand cleaners are useful for cleaning up on jobsites where water might not be readily available.
Klein Tools

LED lights
Peterson Manufacturing has expanded its line of single-diode Piranha LED clearance/sidemarker lights with a PC-rated model: the 177 Series DOT Light. All lights in the DOT line approximate the size of the DOTS gumdrops – about 3/4-inch in diameter – from which comes their “DOT” nickname. The PC rating is SAE’s designation for a lamp with specialized optics that can produce a light-spread spanning 180 degrees. Properly mounted at a 45-degree angle, the 177 model is actually two lights in one, providing both clearance and sidemarker functions, according to Peterson. The light’s rotationally symmetric design requires no top-mount to assure correct orientation during installation, the company says; the optics work in any position. Available in both red and amber versions, the 177 Series – which offers a low-profile design and an operating range of 8 to 16 volts – is designed for hard-wired toughness against corrosion and lamp failure. Also available are accessory black rubber grommets that fit any 3/4-inch hole.

Peterson says another of its Piranha-brand LEDs, the Smart Lamp, comes with built-in intelligence that offers multifunction safety lighting for a wide range of service/utility/construction vehicles. The auxiliary strobing LED is designed to pack computer-driven functionality and instant LED response into a slim 6-inch oval design that fits wherever standard round lights won’t. Amber in color, the Smart Lamp – which is hard-wired to accommodate both dual and quad flashing patterns – meets J1318 specifications and can install on thinner rails to replace the original turn lights, according to the company. While its internal microprocessor keeps left/right strobes in sync, it also coordinates strobe light functions with rear turn signals, canceling and activating the strobes when turn signals are operated, Peterson says. No external power source, control box or switching is required, according to the company; wiring is clean and simple, and amp draw is low.
Peterson Manufacturing

Unitized spindle nuts for axles
The National heavy-duty wheel end brand from Federal-Mogul now offers Everlok/Axilok unitized spindle nuts for steer, drive and trailer axles. The advanced, one-piece Everlok/Axilok assembly replaces conventional two- and three-piece systems for faster, more accurate bearing adjustment and reduced maintenance, the company says. The Everlok/Axilok nuts are available for spindle sizes ranging from 1.500 to 3.480 inches and cover most common Meritor D Flat, Eaton, Ford, N Series, R Series and P Series axle applications. Featuring a dual-clip positive locking fastener designed for added joint security, the unitized spindle nuts help minimize wheel-end maintenance by enabling fast, easy and repeatable bearing end-play adjustment to within .002-inch tolerance, the company says.

Anti-idling system
Sun Power Technologies says its self-contained 12-volt anti-idling system is designed to deliver 10,000 BTUs of cooling capacity per hour for eight to 12 hours without using any of the truck’s power sources. The heart of the design is the DC Airco 12-volt air conditioner that draws a maximum current of 50 amps at full output, making it possible to run the AC when coupled to the company’s fully integrated battery system. The battery system is engineered to recharge using the standard truck alternator through an electronic charge circuit to ensure proper charge algorithms. As an added feature, the company says the battery box offers an emergency start circuit that enables the auxiliary batteries to be paralleled to the cranking batteries when needed, virtually eliminating jump starts.

Sun Power says its anti-idling system can be installed on any make or model of tractor in about four hours, offering continuous operator comfort and a reliable 12-volt power source for hotel loads inside the operator compartment. Also available is an inverter with shore power and charge capabilities for extended stays, with standard 110-volt availability to power and charge the entire system.
Sun Power Technologies

Safer liquid hazmat transport
SpillTech designed its HazMat Pouch Kit to catch and protect hazardous liquids – up to five gallons – that might leak out of bottles, vials and containers during transport. Use the LabPack for any liquid up to moderate hazard, and the Yellow HazMat Polypropylene Particulate that is sandwiched between a heavy plastic liner and an absorbent spunbond layer will protect it, the company says; the pouch then is put inside a heavy-duty plastic OverPack that is rated for shipping moderately hazardous materials. The absorbent material is designed to act like a cushion, providing protection against shock and vibration during shipping and handling, as well as an insurance policy against accidental leaks and spills. The OverPack provides sealed and secure closure, protecting from moisture, dirt and damage, and is durable to withstand rough handling, according to SpillTech. The kit also includes seals, labels and a five-gallon UN-approved container.

Tire gel
Lyna Manufacturing says its “green” technology, Tire Lyna, is an organic gel solution injected directly into the cavity of a new or used tire and wheel assembly. The product is designed to help control proper inflation by eliminating air loss due to porosity and bead leaks, and by sealing tread punctures up to /-inch. The company says Tire Lyna prevents the exposure of casings and rims to rust-inducing water. Another benefit of Tire Lyna, according to the company, is its environmentally friendly formulation: The organic, nontoxic, water-soluble biodegradable gel is easily washed out of the casing and will not degrade over the life of the tire. Effective in tubeless tires operated from 2 to 160 PSI, Tire Lyna currently is available in a starter pack consisting of eight five-gallon pails; in typical applications, five gallons will fill about 10 11R22.5 tires.
Lyna Manufacturing

Underhood air compressor
VMAC’s VR70 underhood air compressor for the 2007 GM 6.6L Duramax Diesel 4500-5500 Series truck is a belt-driven system designed to combine high performance with a compact installation. The product delivers up to 70 CFM or 175 PSI air output at a weight of less than 150 pounds (dry), the company says. By mounting the air compressor underneath the hood of the truck, contractors and fleet operators maximize the deck space and payload capacity available on the work truck, saving space for tools and equipment needed onsite, according to VMAC. And by simplifying the bracket design, mounting the system driver-side and keeping the air compressor accessible, installation is improved due to reduced fitting and maintenance time, the company says.

Secure storage equipment
Knaack says it has added features to select Jobmaster and Storagemaster chests and piano boxes in its Secure Jobsite Storage line. The enhancements include a 3-Point Latch with Watchman IV Lock System, a Power Pass Electrical Pass-Thru, and a reinforced lockbox and hinges:

  • The 3-Point Latch with Watchman IV Lock System is designed to provide extra protection against break-ins from pry bars, bolt cutters and hacksaws;
  • The weather-resistant Power Pass Electrical Pass-Thru is designed to provide contractors easy power cord access and has a rubber grommet covering; and
  • Seven-gauge steel helps reinforce the lockbox area and larger hinges on the chest and piano boxes, providing extra protection against theft.

The following chest and piano box model numbers incorporate the new features: Storagemaster Nos. 69, 79, 89, 90 and 91; and Jobmaster Nos. 4824, 4830, 60, 42, 36, 32 and 2472.