Descartes launches management solution for merchandisers

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Descartes Systems Group, a global on-demand software-as-a-service (SaaS) logistics solutions provider, announced the launch of a solution specifically designed to allow manufacturers and distributors to route, track in real-time and report on the performance of its product merchandisers and sales representatives.

Descartes’ Sales & Merchandiser Management solution is an on-demand service that enables merchandiser and sales management to more effectively monitor and manage their mobile workforce while ensuring efficient delivery of their products to retail stores. Descartes’ Sales & Merchandiser Management solution is part of Descartes’ Delivery Management suite.

“Leading consumer product manufacturers and distributors have recognized that improvements in product merchandiser and sales representative productivity can drive top-line growth and customer satisfaction,” said Chris Jones, Executive Vice President, Solutions and Services at Descartes. “By working with our direct-store-delivery customers, we have developed an on-demand solution that can be widely deployed through lower-cost GPS-enabled phones to help manage the logistics and in-store activities of merchandisers and sales representatives.”

The Descartes Sales & Merchandiser Management solution includes:

  • Weekly activity planning
  • Stop sequencing
  • Product delivery synchronization
  • Schedule & in-store activity communication via GPS-enabled phones
  • Real-time tracking of product deliveries
  • Real-time tracking of merchandisers and sales representatives
  • Real-time delivery status visibility for merchandisers and sales representatives
  • Actual miles driven and in-store time calculation
  • Consolidated performance reporting for management and the merchandiser and sales representatives
  • Performance data available for up-loading to corporate payroll and expense reporting systems
  • Standard integration with Descartes’ delivery route planning solutions
  • Potential benefits that may be achieved using the Descartes Sales & Merchandiser Management solution include:

  • Coordinated plans for product delivery that consider merchandiser and sales representative availability
  • Improved merchandiser and sales management productivity
  • Reduced merchandiser waiting time
  • Automated instruction downloads and field data capture
  • More accurate mileage reimbursement and work time
  • Identification of field resource performance issues or inaccurate geocoding of customer locations
  • The Descartes Delivery Management suite integrates design, planning, execution, performance management and messaging solutions that help manufacturers, retailers, distributors, service providers and their logistics services providers to optimize inbound and outbound delivery performance. It helps address business challenges including strategic delivery planning, warehouse optimization, daily planning, reservations, transportation management, supply chain visibility, mobile/dispatch/AVL, and connectivity and messaging.

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