H3R Performance touts HalGuard Fire Suppression System

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H3R Performance says its HalGuard Automatic Fire Suppression System — which features a “clean” extinguishing agent approved by the Environmental Protection Agency — provides around-the-clock protection for transport trailers, garages or repair shops.

The system consists of a steel cylinder charged with a nontoxic, nonconductive and noncorrosive clean agent gas, capped with one of four thermally actuated heads, according to the company; when the head detects an ambient temperature higher than its rating, the system activates to discharge the clean agent to flood the space with an inert and invisible gas, which extinguishes the fire.

The system is designed to be easy to install with common tools, as there is no piping or electrical power connections, H3R says; whether used in a transport trailer, shop or garage, the system should be mounted in the center of the ceiling, with the thermally activated head closest to the likely source of a fire. The cylinder securely mounts to the ceiling frame of a trailer, or to the studs in a building; mounting hardware and instructions are included.

The fire suppression system comes in two sizes: The HG4500S contains 45 pounds of agent and protects a typical 24-foot-long trailer or 10-by-14-foot garage; while the HG5500S is filled with 55 pounds of agent and protects a typical 28-foot-long trailer or 10-by-22-foot garage. For more information, go to www.h3rperformance.com.