EBE develops suite of driver management solutions

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EBE Technologies, a provider of enterprise business process management (BPM) software for the transportation industry, introduced a comprehensive suite of integrated driver-focused software solutions.

This newest addition to EBE’s SHIPS enterprise BPM software integrates data from trucking companies’ existing dispatch, accounting and mobile communications systems to deliver more efficient and cost effective processes for recruiting and managing drivers and other personnel, the company says.

SHIPS Recruiting and Driver Management modules include: Driver and Non-Driver Recruiting, Human Resource Management, Driver Performance and Safety and Compliance. Companies can choose to implement any or all modules depending on its needs. At the core of the Recruiting and Driver Management solution is an intelligent database, “Process Manager,” and “AutoFlow” technology. The Process Manager gathers, monitors and analyzes data, calculates results, triggers action and provides reports-all in real time.

EBE designed the SHIPS suite of driver applications to automate the repetitive and time consuming tasks associated with driver recruiting and management, and to leverage data from carriers’ dispatch, accounting and mobile communications systems so that carriers are able to streamline processes and manage information that is almost impossible to do manually,” says Larry Kerr, President and CEO of EBE.

The Recruiting and Human Resource Management modules are designed for both driver and non-driver activity. Applicants complete an application online or with a recruiter. Once the information is entered into the system, the automated workflows are executed. Tasks such as reviewing applicant qualifications, managing documents, verifying USIS reports and sending acception or rejection letters are handled automatically.

A “paperless” new hire orientation process is built into the system to eliminate the burden of filling out and signing documents. New hires review and sign all necessary paperwork electronically with EBE’s digital signature capability. Checks and balances are built into the system to prevent a person from moving on to the next form if a document is not signed or completed correctly. Information that is gathered throughout the recruiting process is then stored in master personnel files for easy access and retrieval by other modules or information systems.

SHIPS Driver Management Solutions capture, monitor and automate all aspects of driver activity, safety records and compliance behavior. Manual tasks such as performance reports, tracking driver documents and ensuring compliant behavior are handled through automated workflows.

“EBE’s comprehensive recruiting and driver management solution is proving to be critical for our company. We now have our pulse on all driver activity and can make sure our drivers are safe, in compliance and needs are satisfied. We could never track all this data manually,” says Joe Dohrn, IS Director of Dohrn Transfer in Rock Island, Ill.

SHIPS Driver Performance module allows companies to efficiently gather, measure and take action on the abundance of data stored in disparate systems to determine and manage driver performance. The Driver Performance process provides a complete assessment of the driver, identifying items such as missing paperwork, hours of service compliance, CDL expirations and all measured criteria monitored within the mobile communications system, the company says.

The Process Manager triggers events to communicate the driver’s performance to the appropriate individuals. Driver statistics such as driver turnover, safety records and regulatory compliance issues are also tracked and stored in the database.

SHIPS Safety and Compliance module monitors and corrects unsafe driver practices. As non-compliant behavior is detected, triggers alert the appropriate personnel and corrective action is immediately initiated. Tasks such as generating violation letters and scheduling a driver for an on-line learning video are automated and monitored, ensuring driver compliance. Interfaces to auditing services are available allowing safety logs to be automatically sent and processed.

For more information visit www.ebe-inc.com.