Ryder unveils line of ‘green’ tractor, trailer solutions

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Ryder System today, Oct. 29, announced the launch of its RydeGreen line of tractors and trailers, designed to reduce fuel consumption and greenhouse gas emissions. Responding to increasing market demand for cost-effective, environmentally-friendly transportation solutions, the new RydeGreen line offers customers the latest technology and design to help reduce idling and help improve fuel efficiency, the company says.

As part of the RydeGreen line, Ryder has partnered with Freightliner to offer two sleeper tractors, the Columbia and the Century. The companies say the tractors are built to meet the demands of long-haul trucking and come equipped with special features that have earned them the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s eco-friendly SmartWay designation.

Specifically configured trailer packages from Great Dane and Utility offer aerodynamic features and weight-saving options that further enhance fuel efficiency, Ryder says. In addition, understanding the significant impact driver behavior has on fuel efficiency, to complement the RydeGreen equipment, Ryder provides online driver training programs to customers through Ryder Pro-Tread. Ryder Pro-Tread includes courses that improve driving skills and performance, and teaches drivers simple techniques to reduce fuel consumption.

“Ryder’s outsourced transportation solutions have historically extended the benefits of our environmental expertise, state-of-the-art maintenance practices, and access to the latest technology to maximize the performance and efficiency of customers’ transportation functions,” says Tony Tegnelia, president of U.S. Fleet Management Solutions for Miami-based Ryder. “With RydeGreen vehicles and Ryder Pro-Tread training programs, Ryder is making it even easier for customers of all sizes to comply with higher EPA ’07 emissions standards and improve the fuel efficiency of their fleets.”

Freightliner says the sleeper tractors include several “green” features, including 2007 engine technology, an auxiliary power unit to reduce idling, frame-side fairings to reduce wind resistance, an automated direct drive transmission, and fuel efficient drive tires. Great Dane and Utility trailers are designed with weight-saving designs and materials, side skirts, low rolling-resistance tires, gap reducers and automatic tire inflation systems.

For more information about RydeGreen, go to www.greentruck.ryder.com. To register for a Ryder Pro-Tread driver training course, go to www.rydersafetyservices.com and click on online driver training.