Air-Weigh touts smarter onboard scale

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Air-Weigh says its next-generation in-cab electronic scale is designed to help fleets reduce weight-related costs such as fees, time, out-of-route miles, fuel, overweight fines and delays in truck stops. LoadMaxx converts tractor and trailer suspension loads to an accurate on-the-ground weight, according to the company; by comparing empty and heavy axle group weights with empty and heavy suspension loads, the scale can be calibrated to display accurate weights with any load.

LoadMaxx incorporates state-of-the-art hardware and software technology packaged in a ComLink hardware device, Air-Weigh says. A J1939/CAN bus interface is designed to allow dash displays and onboard computers to obtain weight information for wireless transmission to fleet headquarters or for viewing by the driver in the cab. Two programmable weight alarm outputs can be used to warn the driver when an axle group weight or GVW exceeds legal limits. LoadMaxx also has an inclinometer interface option where the weight display, J1939 outputs and alarm outputs are turned off when detecting an incline that will affect weight-reading accuracy, according to the company.

Accuracy is not affected by altitude, temperature or humidity, and the device is easy to operate, install and calibrate, Air-Weigh says. LoadMaxx is available with or without an optional Air-Weigh display device, which can show steer axle weight, drive axle weight, gross vehicle weight and payload weight; this information also may be transferred to an onboard computer for display and use by other vehicle applications.

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