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Kenworth’s Class 5 T170

Kenworth’s Class 5 T170
Kenworth Truck Co. announced that it is expanding into the Class 5 market with the introduction of the T170 model. “Kenworth’s latest addition to its expanding medium-duty truck lineup offers outstanding performance, quality and reliability,” says Gary Moore, assistant general manager of marketing and sales for Kirkland, Wash.-based Kenworth.

The T170 is a straight truck in a 4×2 configuration with a GVWR up to 19,500 lbs. Standard features include the Paccar PX-6 engine rated at 200 hp and 520 ft.-lb. of torque, 8,000-lb. front axle and 11,500-lb. rear axle, hydraulic brakes, low-frame-height chassis with 19.5-inch wheels and tires, power door locks, passenger-side electric windows (optional on driver’s side) and Kenworth DayLite doors with right-hand peeper window.

Customers can choose a manual or automatic transmission. The 6.7-liter Paccar PX-6 engine offers the highest horsepower-to-weight ratio in the industry, according to the company, and has a two-year warranty with unlimited miles. The T170 is available with the Kenworth Medium Duty Van Body Program.

“The Kenworth T170 provides a highly affordable and maneuverable product for customers in a diversity of applications in the non-CDL Class 5 market, while also aiding driver retention,” Moore says. “Customers will also benefit by being able to have their T170s serviced at Kenworth dealerships instead of at car dealerships.”

The T170 incorporates a single-piece painted steel bumper that is forward of the hood to help reduce impact damage, and Metton quarter fenders for additional durability and impact resistance. The sheet-molded-composite (SMC) hood is designed to offer superior access to the engine compartment with 90-degree hood tilt for ease of service. Halogen-projector low-beam headlamps are designed to provide up to 30 percent more light down the road and three times longer life than sealed-beam headlamps. The T170 also comes with a steel battery box and ABS cover, heat-treated frame rail and 35-gallon steel rectangular fuel tank.

Inside, the T170’s ergonomically-friendly dash features a wraparound instrument panel with large easy-to-read gauges, Kenworth says, and the fully trimmed cab does not include a doghouse, which greatly reduces interior noise. Key options include a telescoping and tilting steering wheel, workstation with two 12-volt power ports for laptops or printers, optional corner windows to aid in backing and negotiating tight spots, and an electronic shift module.

The T170 joins Kenworth’s latest lineup of medium-duty trucks, which features the T370 Class 7 and T270 Class 6 conventional models – both also available in a diesel-electric hybrid configuration starting in 2008 – and the K360 Class 7 and K260 Class 6 cabover models.
Kenworth Truck Co.

Load-strap rewinder
Advent Product Development describes its Truck Strap Commander as a simple two-handed crank for rewinding load straps used to secure cargo on flatbed trucks. The tool – designed to ease reeling of tie-down straps and facilitate easy rollup – is an offset crank that is constructed from a 2 foot-by-5/8 inch plain, rounded, heated piece of steel. Two copper sleeves, 3/4-inch in diameter and five inches in length, fits loosely over the shaft of the cranking handle, one for each hand. The copper sleeves are held in place close against the offset by locknuts, which abut them without restricting their rotary movement around the shaft. One end of the TSC provides a 11/2-inch lip, which reels the spool for the straps to wind upon. Use of the TSC is simple and straightforward, the company says: Upon disposing of the load, the driver takes the TSC in both hands and then picks up the free end of the tie-down straps.
Advent Product Development

Auxiliary cab heaters
Teleflex Power Systems says its line of advanced auxiliary cab heaters for heavy-duty trucks, Proheat Air Heaters, can help truck drivers and fleets significantly reduce engine idling fuel consumption while helping comply with anti-idling regulations. Proheat Air is a diesel-powered air heater designed to supply heat for in-cab driver comfort during cold weather. Available in either 2 or 4 kW models, the heater reduces fuel consumption by up to 95 percent compared to engine idling, while supplying heat more quietly and efficiently, the company says. Proheat Air includes a remotely mounted control panel with digital display designed for easy setup and control of the heater from inside the truck cab. According to Teleflex, the control panel incorporates timers that allow drivers to start Proheat Air at a specific time so the truck is warm when they arrive; it also allows drivers to specify an ambient temperature inside the cab.
Teleflex Power Systems

Back-up camera system
Dynamic Enterprises Group says its Back Eyes all-weather color camera system features built-in infrared and night vision, combined with a 7-inch high-contrast color LCD monitor that mounts in the driver’s cockpit. According to the company, the camera provides up to 130 degrees of vision behind the vehicle so that drivers can avoid back-over accidents and backing into vehicles or loading docks.
Dynamic Enterprises Group

Tire service body
Stellar Industries says its 902 tire service body was created to give value-minded consumers a high-quality full-featured service body with the ability to mount on a less-expensive single rear-wheel chassis. Up until the 902 body was created, tire dealers would have to buy a dual rear-wheel chassis to mount their tire service body, and most of these chassis also were diesel, which increased their cost, according to Stellar. With the 902 body, tire dealers can haul up to 10 truck tires in an aluminum service body, the company says. Stellar offers either a gas- or diesel-drive compressor mounted in the load bed and protected by a heavy-duty gate and lid, and two hose reels are available in the rear compartment, along with a filter and regulator. Each body comes equipped with a 1,300-lb. liftgate and an array of work lights.
Stellar Industries

Portable nitrogen tire inflator
Parker Hannifin recently added a portable nitrogen tire inflation system to its TireSaver product line. The system, designed for easy transport throughout a facility, can produce 95 percent pure nitrogen from standard compressed air, the company says. The TireSaver Model TS051-0ABCBR is available with a 30-gallon storage tank, a built-in auto inflator designed to purge and fill up to six tires simultaneously, a built-in counter, two pressure gauges to help monitor inlet and outlet pressure, a plastic bezel design to help prevent damage from accidental contact with a vehicle, a cart mounted for easy portability, and a handheld nitrogen analyzer.
Parker Hannifin

Diesel fuel enhancer
Penray says its POW-R Performance Diesel Fuel Enhancer combats problems associated with ultra-low-sulfur diesel. The product is designed to provide a boost to cetane, add lubricity, clean engines and increase fuel performance. According to Penray, the ULSD-compliant enhancer – which contains less than 15 ppm sulfur and is ready for use in all fuels, including biodiesel – reduces piston and combustion chamber deposits, cleans injectors, reduces visible and NOx emissions, and protects the system against accelerated wear. It also stabilizes stored fuel, maximizes fuel lubrication and decreases fuel consumption, the company says.

Heavy-duty wrenches
Stanley Proto has introduced two lines of engineers’ wrenches and leverage wrenches, and also has expanded its lineup of striking wrenches. The wrenches are made for the roughest use in the highest-torque applications, and each has a different intended use, the company says:

  • Open-end engineers’ wrenches are designed to help users work faster, and include 15-degree head sets that allow quick repositioning of the wrench on the fastener. Their long lengths – up to 23-13/16 inches long – provide high leverage and extend users’ reach into hard-to-access locations. They come in 13 metric sizes with a black oxide finish.
  • Leverage wrenches are for when users need even more leverage, or when they want to extend their reach even further. While the wrenches themselves range in length from 2 to 14 inches, they’re designed for use with detachable handles up to 33 inches long. The combination of deep offset box heads and long handles are built to ease the initial breaking or final tightening of fasteners; they come in 11 metric sizes with four interchangeable handles.
  • Straight striking and offset striking wrenches have handles with square ends that are designed to be struck with a hammer for the breaking or final tightening of high-torque fasteners. Proto has added five sizes to its line of straight striking wrenches and 15 to its offset line.

Stanley Proto

Cold-water pressure washer line