IAS-Trinium launches intermodal Web service DispatchManager

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IAS-Trinium says intermodal truckers, ocean carriers and beneficial cargo owners such as retailers will begin saving substantial time and money by automating trucking dispatch operations with its new Internet-based software introduced Monday, Nov. 12, at the IANA 25th Intermodal Expo in Atlanta.

IAS-Trinium’s new service, DispatchManager, is designed to deliver dispatch capabilities as an economical subscription-based service that supplants the manual process of dispatching work orders via fax, e-mail and telephone from originators (ocean carriers/BCOs/3PLs) to intermodal trucking companies. Formed earlier this year, IAS-Trinium is a joint venture between International Asset Systems, a provider of information services to ocean carriers around the world, and Trinium Technologies, a provider of software solutions for the intermodal trucking industry in North America.

DispatchManager creates one connection among ocean carriers, BCOs, 3PLs and intermodal truckers, the company says; all partners in the intermodal community can achieve fast and efficient dispatch management through one connection, eliminating the time and expense of establishing a unique connection for each partner. The software is designed to simplify the dispatch work order process and eliminate inefficiencies, putting an end to phone calls, faxes or e-mails to facilitate dispatch. Also eliminated are duplicate data entries, invoice reconciliations, errors and long waits for time-critical information to update customers, according to IAS-Trinium.

With instant information updates, ocean carriers, intermodal truckers and others in the supply chain can capture accurate and timely dispatch information and avoid inefficiencies, the company says; customers automatically receive proof of delivery (POD), and payment to intermodal truckers is faster and more accurate. Equipment utilization is maximized to increase profitability, and opportunities for street-turning equipment increase.

DispatchManager is available on the Web as an on-demand, around-the-clock subscription-based service; there’s no computer server or software to buy, install, administer or maintain.

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“Today’s dispatch operations are characterized by inefficient manual processes, duplicate date entry, data errors and delayed information,” says Christopher P. Mazza, senior vice president of IAS-Trinium. “The results are customer friction from untimely or missing proof of delivery, costly dispatch operations, unnecessary invoice reconciliations, underutilized equipment, per-diem penalties and missed opportunities for street turns. DispatchManager eliminates these problems, and allows companies to use their customer-service and intermodal resources more efficiently, and provide greater satisfaction for their customers.”

Designed to work anywhere in the world, the DispatchManager service is available in three versions to meet the varied needs of originators and intermodal trucking companies, according to IAS-Trinium:

  • DispatchManager Pro (DM Pro) is a complete, turnkey solution providing core dispatch features, plus a dashboard reporting capability for visibility and exceptions management. DM Pro offers a customized online view specific to the needs of dispatch originators and intermodal trucking companies. Optional real-time tracking of equipment in transit is available when equipping drivers with GPS-enabled mobile phones;
  • DispatchManager Envoy (DM Envoy) integrates with an ocean carrier’s or intermodal trucker’s existing dispatch system, provides delivery information and handles electronic invoicing. Optional mobile-phone capability for drivers and GPS-based tracking during transit are available. DM Envoy is geared for customers who have an existing dispatch or work order system and wish to leverage their original investment to obtain maximum efficiency without additional investment in new systems or software; and
  • DispatchManager Dray (DM Dray) allows intermodal truckers to view, accept and reject work orders, provide delivery information (appointment, actual pick-up/delivery, POD, termination) and soon will provide electronic invoicing. DM Dray is provided at no charge for the first 1,000 containers per month and is intended for truckers who currently may not have a dispatch system or do not wish to integrate.