Haas Entertainment introduces vehicle monitoring device

Haas Entertainment, an audio-video systems integrator, has introduced the Haas GPS Tracker, a product for vehicle security and monitoring. The GPS Tracker is designed to offer standard vehicle tracking features via cell phone or computer.

Users can receive alerts if the vehicle is stolen or towed; set maximum speed limits, geographic boundaries and curfew times; and receive immediate notification if any conditions have been violated, Haas says. The GPS Tracker also can keep track of vehicle maintenance schedules (oil changes, tuneups, etc.), and will alert the owner when the vehicle’s battery starts to run down, according to the company.

In addition to its standard features, several optional features can be included, such as remote door lock/unlock and Starter Interrupt, which prevents unauthorized use of the vehicle. The system also can “supercharge” the vehicle’s alarm system by notifying the owner if the alarm is triggered, the company says.

Haas includes a five-year, $5,000 extended warranty in the event the vehicle is stolen and not recovered within 30 days. For more information, go to www.haasentertainment.com.