Your transmission might need some more stability

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Bar’s Products says its Rislone Transmission Stabilizer with Stop Slip contains a special blend of viscosity improvers, anti-wear friction modifiers and extreme pressure performance additives to solve most transmission problems. These additives work together to reduce rough shifting and friction, while eliminating slip, controlling temperature and repairing shudder, chatter and whining in all light-duty and heavy-duty vehicles, according to the company.

The stabilizer is formulated to renew and stabilize the transmission fluid, restoring transmission performance and preventing costly transmission and transaxle repairs. It restores bands and clutches to stop slip, eliminate hesitation and reduce rough shifting, the company says; it also stops fluid loss and reduces friction and wear to protect internal components, thereby lowering the operating temperature and helping to combat the top cause of transmission failure — heat.

Bar’s Products says Rislone Transmission Stabilizer is compatible with all types of domestic and import transmission fluid, including petroleum and synthetic formulas; it works with any front-wheel drive, rear-wheel drive, all-wheel drive and four-wheel drive transmission, including three-speed, four-speed, five-speed, electronic, overdrive, automatic or manual models. Use it to top off the system or add a bottle when changing fluid, according to the company; one 32-ounce bottle treats 12 to 16 quarts.

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