TireStamp’s TireVigil Pro 2.8 keeps eye on fleet’s tires

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TireStamp Corp., a tire monitoring and tire asset management systems supplier, recently announced the availability of its TireVigil Pro 2.8 for fleet customers. TireVigil Pro 2.8 is a fully integrated and interactive tire alerting and monitoring solution designed to give full tire maintenance through a cell phone or through the Internet, enabling fleet managers to ascertain at a glance their entire fleet’s overall tire performance status by highlighting problems and efficiencies.

Unlike other products on the market that are reactionary and provide only dashboard warnings, the proactive TireVigil Pro 2.8 provides fleet managers with advanced diagnostic summary reports that meet a fleet’s day-to-day tire reporting needs, and it also features custom alerts and exception reports that enable fleets to zero in on problems to prevent tire breakdowns and improve tire performance, according to TireStamp.

New to TireVigil Pro 2.8 are sophisticated reports, graphs and charts that display the condition of one tire in a fleet, tires on one vehicle or all the tires in an entire fleet at a glance; this feature gives customers thorough tire intelligence, the company says. For more information, go to