Descartes network certified for EDIINT-AS2 standard

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Descartes has obtained certification for its Global Logistics Network (GLN) integrated EDIINT-AS2 implementation from the Drummond Group. The Drummond Group coordinates interoperability tests for EDIINT-AS2 products between all major software vendors and service providers. Interoperability enables Descartes to connect participants to the GLN quicker and more reliably. For a list of interoperable products please visit: this site.

EDIINT-AS2 is an open standard that specifies secure document exchange over the Internet using Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) encryption. It can be used to exchange any type document.

The EDIINT-AS2 standard provides:

  • privacy – only the recipient can read the document
  • integrity – verification that the document arrived as it was sent
  • non-repudiation – the sender cannot deny sending the document
  • proof-of-delivery – the recipient cannot deny the document was received.
  • These four characteristics make AS2 one of the better mechanisms to securely and reliably exchange important electronic business documents over the Internet, the company says.

    The GLN AS2 service is unique in its web-based, self-provisioning and integrated tracking and diagnostics.

    Descartes GLN provides communication gateway services between EDIINT-AS2 and other document exchange protocols such as FTP, FTP-over-TLS, MQ, X400 and web services.