Water-based epoxy floor coating available

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UCoat It America says its proprietary UCoat It easy-to-apply epoxy floor coating system offers a higher concentration of pigments and other additives that makes it as durable — or more so — than most solvent-based epoxies.

The floor systems begin with two coats of UCoat — a water-based commercial-grade epoxy floor coating. The first coat is a bonding coat and is applied directly to a freshly-prepared damp floor. A co-plastimer additive in the first coat is designed to allow UCoat to flow and dry at the proper rate, penetrating the damp, porous concrete or wood floor and permanently bonding to the substrate. After application of the second coat, the surface can be modified further with UFlek decorative flakes and UGloss high-gloss topcoats.

Being water-based, UCoat epoxy is free of noxious odors, the company says. The floor of a typical two-car garage can be coated in about six hours, including drying time, and ready for cars to be driven on it after 24 hours, according to UCoat It. The system features seven color options, including black, white, tile red, medium blue, beige, light gray and medium gray.

UCoat may be applied to any properly prepared wood or concrete floor, and is suited for automotive service areas, firehouses, commercial warehouses, airplane hangars, manufacturing facilities and any other place a durable, protective finish is desired, the company says. UCoat is formulated to resist damage from chemicals, abrasions and impacts, and to stand up to moisture, welding spatter and jack stands. With the application of UTex, the anti-slip additive included in every kit, UCoat is safe to walk on even when the floor is wet, according to the company.

For more information, go to www.ucoatit.com.