ALK Technologies launches CoPilot Truck 11

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ALK Technologies, Inc., a worldwide developer of GPS navigation, routing, mileage and mapping solutions, announced the launch of CoPilot Truck 11, a full-featured GPS navigation and trip planning solution that runs on Windows based laptop computers. CoPilot Truck 11 is completely redesigned with step-by-step address entry, 2D and 3D map views, the company says.

CoPilot Truck offers spoken PC*Miler directions directly in the vehicle. The GPS navigation system is specifically designed for company drivers, owner operators and leased operators. Truck-specific, spoken dock-to-dock directions are provided throughout the United States and Canada, the company says. PC*Miler routing options range from Practical, Shortest, 53’/102″ Trailer, HazMat, National Network and Toll Avoidance with 13’6″ height, 48′ length, 80,000 pound weight and 96″ width restrictions.

A Driver Safety screen with flexible and clear map views eliminates distraction while driving. CoPilot Truck avoids and favors roads and locations, and will find the best sequence for up to 50 stops. If a turn is missed, an automatic route recalculation prevents drivers from getting lost. In addition to truck stops, weigh stations and rest areas, CoPilot Truck includes 6 million infoUSA Points-of-Interest with phone numbers.

According to ALK, CoPilot Truck 11 benefits include:

  • Reduces out-of-route, empty and deadhead mileage
  • Reduces fuel costs
  • Improves driver and dispatcher productivity
  • Helps avoid costly fines and vehicle damage
  • Provides accurate pick-up and delivery times
  • Safe and stress-free driving on truck-legal roads
  • Improves driver retention and recruiting
  • As an added premium service, fleets can take advantage of a seamless connection to CoPilot Live FleetCenter which provides multi-vehicle tracking, 2-way messaging plus fleet management, mobile dispatch, and historical reports.

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