Magtec included in FMCSA’s best practices report

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Magtec Products, Inc., meets the high standards outlined in a new FMCSA Best Practices
Report developed for the industry and law enforcement on vehicle immobilization technologies. With more than 800,000 hazardous materials shipments on U.S. roads per day, companies like MAGTEC are offering necessary security solutions.

As the report states, “The catastrophic events of September 11, 2001 and the ongoing war on terrorism have heightened the level of concern from Federal Government officials and the transportation industry regarding the secure transportation of hazardous materials.” The report goes on to site an example from May 16, 2002, “A tractor-trailer carrying 10 tons of cyanide in 96 drums was stolen after three armed men held up the vehicle north of Mexico City. Six drums were never found.”

Magtec was one of only two companies to prove their capabilities of meeting all five functional requirements, at an FMCSA test performed at the Michelin Test Track in Laurens, SC in February 2007. “We were thrilled to have the opportunity to demonstrate how Magtec’s
M5K state-of-the-art technology can play an essential role in transportation security,” said Robert Morisset, Magtec president and chief executive officer.

The M5K has many features including keyless driver authentication and Unattended Idle Protect. When interfaced with a communications provider, the system can be managed from a dispatch or monitoring centre and offers features such as remote driver code management, tamper notification to dispatch and Magtec’s Acceleration Control Sytem (ACS). Magtec’s ACS is unique in the market in that it enables dispatchers to remotely limit the acceleration capability of the vehicle, the company says.