PeopleNet eDriver Logs integrated with McLeod LoadMaster software

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PeopleNet, a provider of intelligent onboard communications and fleet management solutions, announced Monday, Sept. 15, the integration of its eDriver Logs automated driver log application with LoadMaster dispatch and enterprise software from McLeod Software.

PeopleNet says eDriver Logs is a Department of Transportation-compliant automated driver log solution and a fully automated Web-based system. LoadMaster is the flagship solution from McLeod Software, one of North America’s largest providers of dispatch and accounting fleet management software to the trucking industry.

Before integration, dispatchers had to leave LoadMaster computer screens to get driver hours information. They had to access the PeopleNet Fleet Manager application or message the driver. Now, the companies say driver hours information provided wirelessly from the truck cab can be displayed on LoadMaster screens where it appears alongside other critical load and driver information.

PeopleNet says eDriver Logs keep logs automatically in compliance with DOT regulations. The system is designed to alert drivers and managers when hours-of-service limits are approaching; the system also is designed to generate current driver status for safety inspectors on the road and provide historic data required by DOT auditors during fleet visits. PeopleNet says fleets experience fewer HOS violations and that drivers are pleased they no longer have to fill out classic logbooks.

The integration of eDriver Logs information with LoadMaster means loads can be assigned based on accurate driver availability information, which leads to better on-time delivery performance, according to the companies.

“PeopleNet has been very creative with their solution, making it accessible, simple and straightforward,” says Tom McLeod, president of Birmingham, Ala.-based McLeod Software. “The information coming directly off the unit is fantastic for load planners to get on a real-time basis to make sure they don’t dispatch a driver over hours. It really takes a lot of the chance for error out of the equation.”

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“We’re always glad to work with McLeod software and with our mutual customers,” says Brian McLaughlin, vice president of marketing, product and sales for Minneapolis-based PeopleNet. “This integration is a big step forward for both safety and fleet efficiency.”