Southeastern Freight Lines expands operations to Mexico

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Southeastern Freight Lines, a provider of regional less-than-truckload services, announced that it has expanded international operations to Mexico. Southeastern serves 12 states in the Southeast and Puerto Rico and has a network of service providers to facilitate transportation services in the remaining 38 states, Canada and the Virgin Islands – and now Mexico.

The four shipping options for Mexican freight offered by Southeastern include a border-only service, door-to-door service, one-stop shop service or the option of clearing customs at the destination.

“More companies doing business in Asia are again considering manufacturing in Mexico, due to longer transit times, high fuel costs, labor challenges and its proximity to the U.S. market,” says Bob Bullock, vice president of international operations for Lexington, S.C.-based Southeastern Freight Lines. “Southeastern has been very successful in its partnerships with best-in-class service providers that align with our commitment to quality service and company culture. We’re using the same approach with regional partners in Mexico to provide shipping solutions to and from Mexico for our customers.”

To assist in its expanded operations, Southeastern has opened a new service center in Laredo, Texas, with 46 doors and a 30,000-square-foot warehouse. “This facility gives us the infrastructure and capacity to grow and service our customers like never before,” Bullock says.

Southeastern says customers can choose one of the following four levels of service:

  • Domestic Border Service. Consists of transporting goods from any of Southeastern’s service areas in the United States to the consignee’s Mexican customs broker in Laredo;
  • Door-to-door with broker provided by consignee. Originates in the United States and delivers directly to Mexican destination with the border-crossing service provided by the consignee’s nominated customs broker;
  • Door-to-door with broker provided by Southeastern. Consists of managing the entire supply chain from the moment Southeastern picks up the shipment until it arrives at its final destination in Mexico; and
  • Mexican in-bond shipments (En Transito). Option to bypass the border and clear in Mexico City, Guadalajara, or Monterrey by the consignee’s nominated broker, thus eliminating the border.