Magtec provides bumper-to-bumper security

To provide “one-stop shopping” for a “bumper to bumper” cargo security solution with one monthly payment, Magtec recently added a Trailer Tracking Service (TTS) and embedded cargo tracking service as an option to its M5K vehicle security system.

The current release of TTS uses power supplied from the tractor, but future releases will have battery power, the company says. Through the host logic of Magtec’s web-based FleetControl, fleet managers can see the location of any dropped trailer as well as the proximity of trailers to tractors that have the M5K installed.

Magtec also now offers embedded cargo tracking through a partnership with Supply Chain Integrity (SCI), a provider of security and loss prevention services. The SCI device makes it possible to locate cargo should a thief offload the cargo to a warehouse or to another trailer. The SCI cargo tracking system is integrated with LoJack, the largest law enforcement network in the country, for fast response from local police to incidents of theft, Morisset says.

Earlier this year, Magtec announced a new speed and idle management (SIM) feature that enables the carrier to remotely set and control speed thresholds and idle time. The SIM feature was designed to help customers save fuel and operations costs, says Robert Morisset, president and chief executive officer of Magtec. Also, the M5K’s geo-fencing capabilities can be used to automatically adjust the top speed of trucks when they enter different speed limit areas, he says.

In 2005, Magtec ( introduced its M5K security system with its range of applications that tightly control the security of tractors and drivers. Two of the frontline anti-theft features of the M5K are its keyless driver authentication and Unattended Idle Protect.

When a driver sets the tractor or trailer parking brake–or after a short period of time with the engine idling–the Magtec M5K security system automatically prevents the vehicle from moving. To operate the vehicle, drivers must enter a matching six-digit code into a numeric keypad.

The M5K interfaces with leading mobile communications systems as well as its own wireless system, FleetControl, to manage vehicle security remotely. Real-time communication with the onboard system enables remote driver code management, tamper notification to dispatch and Magtec’s Acceleration Control System (ACS). ACS is a vehicle immobilization technology that enables dispatch to remotely limit the acceleration capability of the vehicle and reduce the speed in preset increments so it can be brought to a safe and controlled stop, the company says.