C.R. England to equip fleet with Mobileye safety technology

Mobileye Inc., a provider of computer vision-based driver assistance systems, has been selected by C.R. England, the nation’s largest refrigerated trucking company, to equip its fleet of more than 3,500 trucks with its driving assistance product AWS-4000. The camera-based safety features to be installed on each truck will include a lane departure warning (LDW) system, a forward collision warning (FCW) system, and a headway monitoring and warning (HMW) system.

Mobileye says its driver safety solution is the only to offer three essential accident-prevention warnings in one unit. A smart camera located on the front windshield inside the vehicle utilizes the company’s advanced vision technologies to detect and measure the distance to vehicles and to lane markings, providing the driver with timely alerts.

The forward collision warning assists in preventing collisions with vehicles ahead by alerting drivers to both moving and stationary vehicles, while filtering cars in adjacent lanes posing no threat. The lane departure function monitors the vehicle position in the lane and alerts the driver to departures from a lane without using the appropriate turn signal.

Maintaining a safe distance from the vehicle ahead is a task drivers tend to underestimate, resulting in accidents caused by insufficient distance-keeping, the company says. Mobileye’s headway monitoring function calculates the distance from the vehicle ahead, providing the driver with both numerical and color headway data.

“Our drivers collectively spend thousands of hours per day on the road,” says Thom Pronk, vice president of training and safety for Salt Lake City-based C.R. England. “Their safety, and the safety of the motorists who share the road with them, is a crucial element in our success as a company. Mobileye was able to supply us with these three essential driving assistance features in a single package that will protect our vehicles, the traveling public and the valuable cargo we carry every day.”

Both companies agreed to participate in a joint 90-day pilot test program – a program that C.R. England says met all of its performance and safety expectations. C.R. England will begin installing Mobileye’s technology immediately, and will equip the entire fleet over the coming months.

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On C.R. England’s request, Mobileye integrated with the company’s onboard computing and wireless fleet management system so that fleet managers receive one set of reports on their driver safety behaviors, says Skip Kinford, chief executive officer of Mobileye Inc.