CCJ webinar to address California regulations

CCJ has scheduled a free CCJ webinar, “The Impact of California on Trucking Operations,” for Thursday, Oct. 30, at 3 p.m. ET.

Mike Tunnell, director of environmental affairs for the American Trucking Associations, will discuss several major environmental initiatives in California that are affecting and will affect the trucking industry as a whole – not just those based in California. Those developments include the two draft regulations issued last week by the California Air Resources Board to phase out trucks older than 2010 models by 2022 and to require adoption of SmartWay-certified equipment and devices, beginning in 2010.

Other measures Tunnell will address include the state’s final regulation on transportation refrigeration units – a measure that California is poised to implement if the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency grants a waiver.

Attorney Henry Seaton will address legal worries for trucking in California, especially the Clean Truck Program at the Los Angeles and Long Beach ports and the related challenges to owner-operator classification.

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