DEF dispensing system designed for ‘ease of compliance’

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In an effort to help fleet and maintenance managers bring their vehicles into compliance with more stringent Environmental Protection Agency regulations to come, American Controls Inc. says it has developed an exhaust fluid dispensing system that works with diesel engine technology to meet 2010 emissions standards.

“In less than two years, the stricter EPA standards will be in place, and enforcement will begin,” says Bob Taylor, engineer for Farmington Hills, Mich.-based ACI. “Individuals and organizations — including freight, transportation and municipalities that own, manage or service on-road diesel fleets — can use this new dispensing technology to bring their vehicles into compliance today.”

The new fluid dispensing system works in conjunction with selective catalytic reduction (SCR) engines that require a steady flow of DEF — comprised of a solution of urea and water — to convert engine emissions into harmless levels of nitrogen and water vapor. However, Taylor says a SCR-modified engine is only part of the solution. “Having a system that accurately meters and dispenses the urea solution into the urea tank ensures that the correct amount of fluid is available on the vehicle for atomization into the exhaust stream of the SCR engine to meet EPA emissions standards,” he says.

Typical components of a DEF dispensing system include a pump, metering equipment, hoses and nozzles, and other fluid controls for transferring the urea solution from drums, totes or bulk storage tanks into the tank on the vehicle. “The compact metering and dispensing equipment not only has a small footprint, it is also easily modified,” Taylor says. “Our engineers can custom-build a dispensing system to meet each fleet and maintenance manager or municipalities’ fill needs.”

ACI has liquid control systems currently in place at many automotive assembly plants that manufacture diesel-powered vehicles. ACI on Oct. 16 hosted an open house to unveil its technology to diesel engine and automotive manufacturers such as Detroit Diesel, General Motors, Ford and Chrysler, among others. Taylor says the first orders for five assembly-line fill units will be shipped before yearend.

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“ACI’s new small but efficient urea dispensing system provides one important step in the process of lowering diesel engine emissions to meet 2010 regulations,” Taylor says. “We designed the technology with ease of compliance in mind.”