GE Fleet Services’ enhanced driver safety program available online

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Unlike other driver safety programs that are provided in classrooms, on CDs or in printed manuals, GE Capital Solutions Fleet Services says it now provides a full menu of lessons delivered on demand via the Internet. GE says that as part of its driver safety management solution, the Web-based training can help a company reduce its overall vehicle accident costs and risks while providing a convenient and easy method for drivers to take required safety training.

According to GE, fleet managers trigger an e-mail from the safety website to the driver indicating which lessons they want their drivers to complete; the drivers then access the training from the Web at their convenience. Fleet managers will have online visibility to the status of each lesson assigned; Web reporting includes the individual lesson start and completion status for each driver.

The modules consist of 18 lessons that focus on specific driving techniques in a variety of critical driving situations for both cars and trucks. GE says the training features state-of-the-art animation (including 3-D driving sequences), extensive interactivity and engaging content to make the training interesting for drivers to view and complete; the lessons also have review sessions and exam questions to assess the driver’s knowledge of the training content.

“Preventable accident collisions, on average, account for 35 percent of total accident claims,” says Eric Strom, maintenance and safety solutions product manager for Eden Prairie, Minn.-based GE Capital Solutions Fleet Services. “GE’s online driver safety training now makes it easier for drivers to complete mandatory training and helps fleets reduce vehicle accident costs.”