Innovative Enterprise Software certified for IBM i 6.1

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Innovative Computing Corp. has announced that its Innovative Enterprise Software R8V02M03 is certified for IBM’s i 6.1 Operating System. Innovative says that through this certification, customers can take full advantage of IBM’s significant upgrades to the processor and Operating System functionality.

Innovative says the Operating System, renamed simply i, is the latest in IBM’s System i evolution and is backed by updates to IBM’s Power Systems hardware. This combined upgrade is considered by many to be as significant as IBM’s 48-Bit CISC to 64-Bit RISC change, according to Innovative; the result of more than a billion dollars of IBM investment, this offering signifies IBM’s continued commitment to progression of the Power Systems Family (formerly known as the AS/400).

Innovative says that as a result of the upgrades to IBM’s Operating System and hardware, its customers can enjoy a wide variety of system efficiencies and improvements, including:

  • Re-engineered processor (POWER6);
  • Operating System enhancements utilizing the POWER6 processor technology;
  • Optimized storage and memory management;
  • Enhanced SAN (Storage Area Network) storage;
  • Enhanced internal integration; and
  • Lower total cost of operation.
  • Innovative says that i is a fully object-based Operating System, so that while the Power System family is widely accepted as the most secure and reliable available, IBM has further increased system integrity, security, encryption and reliability through i. According to Innovative, IBM’s Power running i also allows for greater consolidation of hardware, which works to lessen related IT support, maintenance, environmental factors and overall costs; these changes result in a system that is manageable, responsive and fast to deploy.

    In order to take full advantage of IBM i 6.1 features, Innovative also has upgraded IES via release R8V02M03. Because of this upgrade, Innovative host customers interested in migrating to IBM i 6.1 or Power will need to contact Innovative to request the latest IES PTF prior to the Operating System upgrade. For more information on the IBM Power Server and i Operating System, go to and

    Innovative also announced that it has released several new enhancements and modules over the past month. These new tools will be available in IES R9, which is expected to be available in late spring 2009, according to the company; in some cases, new modules and enhancements also may be available for prior releases. Innovative says the newly released tools include the following:

  • IES Snap;
  • User-Defined Fields, Phase II – new order entry enhancements;
  • Hazmat enhancements to master files;
  • E-mail field expansion;
  • FlexPay interface to TLC;
  • FlexFuel enhancements;
  • Ability to charge drivers for certain product codes;
  • Ability to limit fuel purchases by gallons; and
  • Mobile communications interface with DriverTech.
  • IES Aware and IES Accu-Rate also are in general release.