ARI Maintenance Management users surpass 300,000

Automotive Resources International, a global fleet solutions provider specializing in complex car and truck fleets, announced that is has surpassed 300,000 vehicles enrolled in its Maintenance Management program.

ARI says its maintenance program has grown in the past few years, particularly with companies that have truck and equipment fleets or organizations with complex fleet needs that require customized fleet solutions.

ARI’s maintenance management program began in 1981, offering service technicians to answer phones and oversee maintenance and repair-related issues. ARI also provided customers with comprehensive, customized reports that identified cost improvement areas. According to the company, this set the stage for its proactive consulting approach by demonstrating the value of its fleet management programs over their cost.

In 1995, ARI engaged in agreements to manage a large railroad fleet, which led to the further development of ARI’s maintenance programs, including the use of ATA coding for all maintenance records; the development of its in-house fleet management system, Intellifleet; and truck-specific professionals in its maintenance department.

Today, ARI says its Web-based fleet management system, ARI Insights, enables fleet managers to identify maintenance and repair trends and exceptions, and they also can formulate cost reductions using custom billing reports and true life-of-vehicle costs. Key performance indicators, proactive alerts and bulk e-mail give fleet personnel further control over maintenance costs, according to the company.