West Side Transport chooses Glacier Bay’s ClimaCab

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West Side Transport, an Environmental Protection Agency SmartWay Transport Partner, announced that it is exceeding EPA standards, partly due to using Glacier Bay’s ClimaCab all-electric no-idle solution in its fleet. The company says fuel savings, minimal maintenance, driver comfort and zero emissions were all key factors in choosing Glacier Bay.

Glacier Bay says that by using power management technology with high-efficiency thermal management, it offers longer run times and superior in-cab comfort without the operating costs of diesel-powered APUs. Powered by four deep-cycle Absorbed Glass Mat (AGM) batteries, ClimaCab is designed to direct the flow of energy between power sources. Utilizing the existing truck alternator, ClimaCab also extends battery life by charging at factory-set algorithms during normal truck operation, according to Glacier Bay; the product line uses no fuel, requires no upkeep and is emissions-free.

West Side Transport says its decision to install Glacier Bay’s all-electric Radiant Heat Panels, rather than traditional fuel-fired heat, aligned with its environmental initiatives. According to Glacier Bay, radiant heat is more effective than standard heating methods since heat output remains unaffected by either air currents or poorly insulated sleeper cabs; to optimize driver comfort, the heat panels are mounted over the bunk to warm the driver directly for more than 10 hours — operating silently, without the use of fans. Glacier Bay says the all-electric solution draws minimal battery power, requires no maintenance and reduces a fleet’s carbon footprint more than conventional idle-reduction technology.

“When making the effort to move away from burning fuel, you need to consider both heating and cooling,” says Kevin Rankin, director of maintenance for West Side Transport, based in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. “Glacier Bay affirms overwhelming driver acceptance, and feedback from the field reveals superior performance, even in extreme heat or below freezing temperatures.”

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West Side Transport has earned an EPA SmartWay score of 1.25, the highest score awarded to transport partners; the rating reflects outstanding environmental performance and superior efficiency. Rankin says that this year alone, more customers have called to inquire about West Side Transport’s SmartWay score than in all previous years combined. “Glacier Bay is the only company that meets our standards for both eco-friendly technologies and outstanding performance,” Rankin says. “As a result, we can achieve optimal efficiency that benefits not only our customers, but also the environment.”