Hydraulic system said to reduce fuel consumption, carbon footprint

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Recaptured Energy Technologies’ new hydraulic braking and propulsion system for fleet, commercial and transit vehicles captures wasted brake energy from frequent braking and converts it to an auxiliary source of energy to power the vehicle, increasing fuel efficiency and reducing harmful emissions.

“The unique benefit of our system is that it can be retrofit to existing vehicles, so there is no need to purchase new alternative-energy vehicles that may not provide anticipated fuel economy,” said Sam Jones, president of Recaptured Energy Technologies. “Because the system is specifically designed to be retrofit, existing vehicles will see lower emissions, less engine management and reduced fuel consumption.”

Recaptured Energy also offers consulting services, including Drive Cycle Analysis, Asset Utilization Analysis and Return on Investment Analysis. From the evaluation of hybrid technologies and drive cycle characteristics to the examination of route specific variables, Recaptured Energy provides the testing and analysis necessary for decision makers to best utilize their fleet assets, maximizing fuel economy and improving overall rate of return