Tele Atlas develops Speed Profiles

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Tele Atlas, a global provider of digital maps and dynamic content for navigation and location based solutions, announced the availability of Tele Atlas Speed Profiles, which provide highly accurate speed data to allow end users of consumer, enterprise and business fleet navigation systems to find the most optimal route to their destination and far more accurately estimate travel time.

With the release of Speed Profiles, Tele Atlas has enabled route calculations based on highly comprehensive historical travel time and measured speed information. Traditional systems available today use standardized estimates to calculate routes, the company says, ignoring hurdles such as traffic lights, school hours and rotaries that can severely impact travel times.

Tele Atlas Speed Profiles uses data derived from almost half a trillion speed measurements shared by consumers over the past two and a half years in 26 countries, making it unique in terms of both size and richness, the company says. To ensure a high level of accuracy, the 33.5 million kilometers of both directions of roads available in Tele Atlas Speed Profiles have been driven and measured on average more than 2,000 times at different times and during different days of the week. With this highly accurate information, Tele Atlas Speed Profiles delivers a solution with actual average speeds for every five minutes of the day on any day of the week for frequently traveled roads.

“Navigation system and application users increasingly are seeking rich and dynamic information that will help them to better plan their routes and enjoy a more informed, efficient journey along the way,” said Tele Atlas CEO Bill Henry. “With the launch of Speed Profiles, we have demonstrated Tele Atlas’ ability to deliver another significant benefit for the industry that harnesses the power of community and propels Tele Atlas and our customers into the next generation of digital mapping.”