New battery propels TireStamp’s TireVigil InTow trailer tire monitor

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TireStamp says it has incorporated a new battery technology into its trailer tire monitoring product, TireVigil InTow, that utilizes a revolutionary chemistry to provide longer operation life, faster charging without risk of reducing operation life, extended operation range and improved safety due to its lower risk of fire or explosion.

It replaces a lithium ion battery that had powered previous TireVigil InTow packages and had a two-year lifespan. The company says the new battery is expected to last customers an average of 10 years with TireVigil InTow hourly wake-up intervals as opposed to operating on an event basis. It also recharges quickly when the trailer is hooked to a tractor and power is taken from the trailer’s light system, according to TireStamp; while some battery chemistries can be charged fast but at the expense of reducing the battery’s lifecycle, recharging this battery quickly has no negative effect on it.

Most batteries used in trailer tracking devices could get damaged if charged below 32 degrees Fahrenheit, but the company says its new battery is better able to survive extreme heat and cold and has an extended temperature operating range that allows it to be charged down to -22 degrees F; the new battery can power both the telematics device and TireVigil InTow.

The new battery is designed to deliver high peak currents over a long period of time, which is especially useful during telematics transmissions, TireStamp says; battery capacity can be adjusted easily based on the customer’s requirements without any changes to the main system, so if a fleet requires longer operation time between charges, battery capacity can be expanded.

Since the battery is not comprised of hazardous material and has a much more rugged chemistry, it can take a lot of electrical and mechanical abuse and will not explode, according to the company. For more information, go to