Tracer shines light on UV leak detection lamp

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Tracer Products describes its Tracerline Tritan 365 as a multi-LED broad-beam UV leak detection lamp that works with all fluorescent dyes for automotive and truck systems — even difficult-to-fluoresce yellow dyes. The Tritan 365 features three ultra-high-intensity UV LEDs for fluorescent leak detection, plus a white-light LED to help illuminate dark work areas.

The lamp’s broad-beam profile is designed to provide extra-wide area coverage, which can be helpful when leak-checking large radiators and condensers. Its compact head is suited for cramped areas larger lamps can’t reach, with an inspection range of 20 feet or more. Tracer says the Tritan 365 is compact and lightweight, weighing 16 ounces.

A convenient three-way rocker switch is designed to allow easy control of the light sources, while a lightweight, angled lamp body helps facilitate fatigue-free inspections. Instant-on operation allows the lamp to reach full intensity immediately, according to the company; the device has an 8-foot power cord with an AC plug and is available in 100V, 120V, 230V and 240V models.

Also available is the Tritan 365M portable battery-operated AC/DC lamp kit; along with the Tritan lamp, it has a rechargeable NiMH battery pack with an adjustable shoulder strap and belt loop, AC cord set, smart AC charger and UV-absorbing glasses, all packed in a padded carrying case.

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