Spectra introduces Zafety Lug Lock

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Spectra Products says the Zafety Lug Lock helps to prevent lug nut loss, wheel damage and wheel loss by securing lug nuts together. Wheel lug nuts can loosen as a result of temperature change and wheel vibration, but Zafety Lug Lock is designed to use the resistance between two nuts to minimize their ability to rotate and loosen. Zafety Lug Lock is designed to be used on all wheels with 1-5/16 nuts on 3.5-inch stud centres and to be easy to install over two adjacent nuts.

A requirement of a pretrip inspection is to ensure both truck and trailer wheel lug nuts are secure. Zafety Lug Lock is designed to provide a clear visual check of lug nut security, helping to reduce the possibility of wheel separation due to lug nut problems. The company says the product has been laboratory-tested in severe vibration conditions from -40 to 122 degrees Fahrenheit, and also tested in field conditions at high and low rotation.

For more information, go to www.spectra-ssa.com.