Paperless driver trip reporting designed to simplify IFTA management

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Trucktax describes its system as an online trip report form that looks and functions like a paper form but is even easier to use. The online trip report system is designed to relieve drivers of the time and effort required to prepare paper trip reports for their carrier company for use in driver pay settlement and state/province IFTA fuel tax compliance reporting.

“Drivers spend a lot of time during and after each trip maintaining and preparing paper trip reports,” says Ron Johnson, president and chief executive officer of Markham, Ontario-based Trucktax Inc. This process requires them to keep track of odometer readings and/or miles/kilometers at state/province border crossings for use in preparing the paper trip reports, Johnson says.

As a result, these paper trip reports submitted to carrier managers and/or fuel tax reporting service providers sometimes are filled with errors that company staff must find and correct prior to processing the information to create the required IFTA and/or fuel tax reports needed for accurate states/province tax compliance filings.

With the Trucktax paperless online driver trip reports system, companies in the trucking industry will realize significant time and cost savings, as well as increased information accuracy, convenience and productivity, Johnson says. “Our clients are realizing significant savings of time and money using this online system. They are able to eliminate the cost of printing, storing and distributing paper trip forms to be completed by their drivers.”

They eliminate the time and cost of collecting paper trip reports from drivers, which sometimes will be unreadable; instead, drivers simply complete the online trip report form, hit the submit button, and the carrier company and/or IFTA service provider receives this information instantly as an e-mail that looks like a paper trip report, Trucktax says.

Further benefit to the industry, according to the company, is the significant time and cost savings realized from eliminating the need to file these paper trip report forms after processing, and having to store them for audit purposes in compliance with state and province law. Trucktax says companies using its paperless trip reporting system will be able to store these trip report forms without having to invest in storage boxes and warehouse space; this information now will reside on a computer hard drive in their office, making it easy to retrieve with a simple click of the mouse. Trucktax says it also maintains a backup copy of each trip report, at no cost to clients, for as long as they are clients of the service.

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Trucktax says with its paperless driver trip reporting system, there is no software to buy, no licensing fee, no renewals, no contracts and no new computer procedure for drivers to learn. For more information, go to