ALK Technologies introduces PC Miler Navigator 430

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ALK Technologies today, Dec. 8, announced PC Miler Navigator 430, a portable navigation device designed specifically to be easy to use for owner-operators, leased operators and company drivers. PC Miler Navigator 430 provides spoken truck-specific directions in a lightweight standalone device that is attached easily to a truck windshield, according to the company; powered by ALK’s CoPilot Truck GPS navigation technology, the solution is designed to improve safety and reduce operating costs for both drivers and fleets.

ALK says the portable PC Miler Navigator device with built-in GPS antenna and speaker features a 4.3-inch color touchscreen that displays directions as they are spoken; upcoming turns are displayed so they can be understood quickly at a glance, and the driver’s attention remains focused on the road.

The navigation device provides dock-to-dock directions for the United States and Canada, ALK says; its preinstalled map database features more than 7 million street-level miles and 850,000 miles of truck restrictions such as bridge clearances, load limits and dangerous turns. PC Miler routing options include Practical, Shortest, 53’/102″ Trailer, HazMat, National Network, and Toll Avoidance with 13’6″ height, 48′ length, 80,000 pound weight, and 96″ width restrictions. The system also is designed to allow users to enter custom vehicle dimensions for optimal routing.

“PC Miler Navigator leverages 22 years of truck routing expertise and input from our 22,000 transportation and logistics customers,” says Craig Fiander, vice president of PC Miler Solutions marketing for ALK Technologies, based in Princeton, N.J. “The efficiency provided by PC Miler Navigator makes it a smart investment because fuel costs are and will continue to be a significant issue — plus, it eliminates the need for professional drivers to use systems that are not truck-legal.”

According to the company, PC Miler Navigator’s spoken directions include actual street names, so instead of hearing “just ahead, turn right,” for example, a driver hears “1 mile ahead, turn right on Hughes Drive”; this added edge can avert wrong turns onto restricted streets or bridges that can be dangerous, expensive and time-consuming. If PC Miler Navigator detects that a truck is entering or already on a restricted road, it will warn the driver immediately and recalculate the route, ALK says.

The large PC Miler Navigator nonglare touchscreen is designed to allow drivers to enter up to 50 stops; multistop route optimization and various trip planning features allow for routing comparisons and previews. The system also provides trip and fuel-cost estimations that help drivers and dispatchers determine the most profitable loads, according to the company, and as an added value, the device provides automobile, motorcycle and RV navigation options for personal and recreational use. The device also is built to act as a portable entertainment system, supporting standard movie, music and picture file formats; an e-Book reader also is included.

The suggested retail price for PC Miler Navigator 430 is $349, and there are no ongoing subscription fees. It’s available at truckstops across North America, including Flying J Travel Plazas, Love’s Travel Stops & Country Stores, Petro Stopping Centers, Pilot Travel Centers and Travel Centers of America (TA). Fleets may purchase directly from ALK Technologies by calling 800-377-6453. For more information, go to