ATA, Codega develop new safety training program

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The American Trucking Associations and Codega on Tuesday, Dec. 9, announced the introduction of the ProTraining Safety Series 1 program to educate truck drivers, particularly new and younger professionals, about basic truck safety concepts, rules and practices.

The series of four animated training videos and associated learning materials are designed to keep viewers engaged and thinking while reinforcing critical safety and compliance practices. The information is thorough, easy to digest and immediately applicable to drivers’ day-to-day activities; according to ATA and Codega; the videos use the latest in educational animation technology, along with accompanying comprehensive workbooks and quizzes to measure comprehension and progress.

“We are pleased to be teaming with Codega to develop this series of safety videos,” says Bill Graves, ATA president and chief executive officer. “Safety is a top priority of our industry, and ATA members and staff have worked hard to make our nation’s roads safer for everyone. The experts at Codega have an extensive knowledge of how accidents occur and what can be done to prevent them. They bring this expertise to the ProTraining Safety Series 1.”

The ATA-Codega ProTraining Safety Series 1 is part of ATA Business Solutions, a line of information products, business tools, services, training programs and conferences specifically designed to address the critical issues affecting trucking-related companies.

“ATA and Codega are bringing a substantially different product to an industry ready for innovation,” says Robert Swint, CEO of Houston-based Codega. “The days of education through talking heads and rote speech are gone. In our media-rich world, learners expect the best in animation, graphics, video and sound. Our training moves beyond entertainment to truly engage our audiences in a manner that fosters learning and promotes safety as a top priority.”

ATA and Codega say the series includes the following videos:

  • Pre-Trip and Post-Trip Inspections. The video emphasizes the seven-point inspection; drivers are taught fundamental skills for maintaining the basic mechanical safety of their rig, a vital part of everyday safety.
  • Visual Search. On the road, good drivers know they should be surveying their surroundings constantly. The video teaches drivers techniques for evaluating their position on the road and the position of the other vehicles around their truck.
  • Hazardous Driving Conditions. This video reviews the FMCSA Regulation 392.14 – Hazardous Conditions; Extreme Caution. The program teaches drivers how to manage hazardous driving situations such as rain, ice and fatigue, as well as when the driver must make the decision to discontinue operating the vehicle.
  • Basic Intersection Control. Even everyday situations can prove hazardous to the professional driver. The video teaches drivers to navigate intersections carefully. Drivers must know the limits of their machinery and the speeds needed to safely negotiate an intersection.
  • The DVDs can be purchased together or individually. Each video includes a corresponding workbook, quiz and answer key. For more information, go to