YRC Worldwide consolidates database platform

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Computer Corporation of America (CCA), a provider of high-speed, high-volume DBMS software for IBM enterprise servers, announced that YRC Worldwide, Inc. has signed a five-year licensing agreement that gives the company expanded use of CCA’s Model 204 database software through at least the year 2013.

“Model 204 has been used by our Roadway brand for more than a decade. It is the core of Quicktrak, our sophisticated, instantaneous shipment tracking system,” said Michael Rapken, YRC Worldwide Chief Information Officer. “We will be consolidating information systems of our Roadway and Yellow Transportation brands, and feel that the Roadway systems using Model 204 is the best platform for the consolidation.”

YRC Worldwide is a Fortune 500 company and the holding company for a portfolio of transportation services brands including Roadway and Yellow Transportation. Using Model 204, Roadway reliably manages thousands of shipments per day and provides timely shipment information to customers. With 12 terabytes of shipment data stored online, Model 204 processes 3.6 million transactions per day for Roadway. By consolidating the Roadway and Yellow Transportation information systems, YRC Worldwide expects to increase revenue and decrease costs through more efficient operations, reduced IT expenses and providing customer benefits of easier access to comprehensive solutions.