AT&T offers TeleNav Vehicle Tracker

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TeleNav announced that AT&T Inc. has added TeleNav Vehicle Tracker to its portfolio of enterprise mobility services.

TeleNav Vehicle Tracker is a GPS-enabled device that is hard-wired or embedded onto a vehicle. For several years, TeleNav has offered a web-based mobile resource management (MRM) solution that ran on GPS-enabled cell phones and handsets. The new Vehicle Tracker service is the company’s first embedded vehicle device.

“This offering builds on TeleNav’s industry-leading mobile resource management solution and provides businesses the ability to actively manage their vehicles, enhance workforce utilization and provide better service,” said Igor Glubochansky, marketing director, Industry Solutions for AT&T.

As with TeleNav’s handset solution, TeleNav Vehicle Tracker is accompanied by TeleNav’s secure, password-protected and Web-based management console. Managers can log onto the site and view the location of each vehicle in the fleet. The Web console also provides historical mileage and breadcrumb reports; notifications when employees violate a company policy for vehicle speed, stop time or mileage; and detailed information about vehicle activity, including whether the engine is turned on or doors are open.

TeleNav Vehicle Tracker is available on AT&T’s wireless network. The TeleNav Vehicle Tracker device is $399.00, with a monthly service charge of approximately $34.00 per device (additional taxes and fees apply) with qualified AT&T data plan and TeleNav Vehicle Tracker service plan rates. Customers also pay a one-time setup fee of $19.99 per unit and $18.00 data plan activation fee. Volume pricing may be available.

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