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Peterbilt’s hybrid Model 335
Peterbilt’s new Model 335 hybrid-electric tractor now is available for immediate order through the company’s dealer network. According to David Giroux, Peterbilt’s marketing communications director, the new truck is suited for applications such as beverage and regional-haul deliveries that require a trailer.

The truck maker says its Model 335 hybrid-electric tractor utilizes Eaton’s Hybrid Electric Power System with an electric motor that assists the Paccar PX-6 engine with supplemental torque for up to 25 percent fuel economy gains in local-haul applications. The system is designed to store energy during stopping through regenerative braking and then reuse it for acceleration, while also reducing fuel use, emissions and noise.

“Peterbilt’s new class 7 Model 335 hybrid-electric tractor provides local-haul applications the benefits of a hybrid system combined with traditional Peterbilt quality, durability, performance and styling,” says Bill Jackson, the truck maker’s general manager and Paccar vice president. “Peterbilt’s expanding hybrid portfolio is evidence in our commitment to integrating hybrid solutions into fuel-efficient vehicle designs.”

In addition to the Eaton system, the Model 335 hybrid- electric tractor features the in-dash 7-inch Paccar proprietary Hybrid System Monitor, a display designed to provide information regarding fuel economy and battery state of charge, allowing the driver to modify behavior to maximize fuel economy through optimized use of the system. Peterbilt says the display also provides full diagnostic capabilities for the hybrid system, including system operating status.
Peterbilt Motors Co.

International’s DuraStar Hybrid tractor
Navistar unveiled an additional hybrid truck configuration – the International DuraStar Hybrid tractor – that targets general freight haulers and food/beverage distributors. International says that like the other trucks in its DuraStar Hybrid line, the latest diesel-electric hybrid Class 7 tractor has the capability to provide fuel savings from 20 to 25 percent in standard in-city pickup-and-delivery applications.

“Hybrid trucks are the next step in providing expanded fuel-efficiency options for customers as they face the new realities of high diesel costs and tough economic conditions,” says Steve Guillaume, general manager of Navistar’s medium truck group.

In addition to reducing the amount of fuel used, the International DuraStar Hybrid also reduces the amount of emissions released into the air, according to the truck maker; overall, the DuraStar Hybrid emits up to 33 percent less hydrocarbon emissions and 35 percent less nitrogen oxide emissions versus standard diesel trucks.

International says its DuraStar Hybrid trucks employ a parallel-type diesel-electric hybrid architecture that is supplied by Eaton Corp., which incorporates an electric motor/generator between the output of an automated clutch and input of the automated manual transmission. The hybrid-electric system recovers energy during braking, and can add power back into the driveline during start and acceleration; International says this capability makes the truck more efficient in standard driving, particularly in city and stop-and-go driving.
International Trucks

Digital, analog multimeters
Waytek says its digital and analog multimeters are electronic measuring instruments that combine several functions in one unit, and measure voltage, current and resistance. They include test leads and are rugged, versatile and built to last, according to the company. The manual ranging digital multimeter features audible continuity, a large number display and a rubber boot for protection; while the analog multimeter features a thermoplastic case and multicolor display with a mirrored scale.

Compact LED beacon
Ecco says its compact 7460 Series Profile LED beacon incorporates a simple yet highly effective and tough design featuring an overhead heatsink that allows removal of the flange when the unit is pipe-mounted. Eight 3-watt LEDs and a parabolic reflector produce SAE Class I light output, according to the company. The 7460 features a “flickerflash” pattern that human vision is highly sensitive to in the periphery, according to Ecco, increasing potential visibility when vehicle hazards are not in direct line of sight.

Can crusher
Ranger Products says its RP-6KC air-operated Can Crusher will crush paint and other types of cans in seconds and solve environmental disposal issues by reducing waste and disposal costs. The RP-6KC – also designed to crush oil filters and many types of industrial filters – features 3-ton crushing force, 20-second cycle time, a compact bench-mount design, all-steel industrial construction, a filter, a regulator and an air gauge. The product is 37 inches high, 15 inches wide and 14 inches deep;
the door opening measures 141/2-by-13 inches.
Ranger Products

Self-fusing tape
Rescue Tape is a self-fusing silicone tape with no adhesive, the company says. When stretched and wrapped under tension, it instantly begins fusing to itself, creating an airtight, watertight seal that’s resistant to oils, fuels, acids, solvents, salt water, road salt and UV rays, and takes just minutes or even seconds to fuse together permanently, according to the company; it never gets gummy or sticky and resists temperatures up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit and pressures up to 700 PSI.
Rescue Tape

Landing gear
New Life Transport Parts Center says its latest model of Fleetcraft landing gear, the 50,000-pound-capacity Universal Mount J, is designed to be used on both inside and outside mount configurations and comes with either a sandshoe or cushion-foot group setup.
New Life Transport Parts Center

Portable camera system for temporary use
Mobile Awareness says its VisionStat Portable wireless camera system provides a safe, convenient solution for all types of towing applications, visual security, temporary use for backing and observation of valuable cargo. The camera system is designed to allow the driver to back up and align a towing vehicle using the removable handheld monitor with a 2.4-inch LCD screen. The Night Vision-enabled camera has a magnetic base to facilitate flexible mounting, which can be adapted for visual security purposes. Both the handheld monitor and the camera can be charged using either the vehicle power adapter or the plug-in AC adapter – both included – and can be stored conveniently after use. Additional features include the ability to switch camera views, to reverse the image when aligning a hitch, and to adjust contrast and brightness on the portable monitor, according to the company; wireless camera transmission capability is up to 300 feet, with night vision range of about 15 feet.
Mobile Awareness

Drop-and-hook tire monitoring system
Advantage PressurePro says it designed its Intelligent Drop-and-Hook Tire Pressure Monitoring System to work with multi-trailer fleets, allowing automatic tethering and untethering of trailers to tractors. The system is comprised of a monitor, repeater and sensors.

The monitor is mounted in-cab and displays current pressures and alerts to a driver, or it can be integrated with other telematics products in the vehicle to report pressures and alerts to an office or remote management system. Capable of reading 16 tires each on a tractor and up to three trailers, the monitor boasts a 64-tire-reading potential, according to the company. The monitor can communicate with other devices in the tractor via RS232, J1708 or J1939 networks.

The repeater is installed directly onto a trailer and hooks into the trailer’s ABS power line, allowing communication of the trailer’s sensors with the monitor in the tractor. When the tractor and trailer are tethered, the monitor in the tractor picks up the IDs, pressures and positions of the sensors on the trailer from the repeater. When a trailer is unhooked and there is no communication for 20 seconds, the monitor “forgets” that trailer and begins to look for new readings, the company says; when a new trailer is introduced, the monitor recognizes the new repeater and accepts its full information.
Advantage PressurePro

Low-profile surface-mount dome lamp
Grote Industries says the latest addition to its LED WhiteLight product line, the low-profile S100 LED surface-mount dome lamp, features built-in infrared motion activation, eliminating the need for installation of an independent switch. Engineered for durability using high-impact UV-stabilized polycarbonate material, the dome lamp features moisture-resistant construction and a low-profile (15.0 mm) surface-mount design with run wire channels to facilitate quick, neat installation. The company says the lamp utilizes the latest surface-mount LED technology, providing bright 300-lumen output with low power draw and minimal heat generation. The lamp is designed to be activated using a passive infrared motion sensor located in the lamp body. According to Grote, the sensor is calibrated to recognize the heat signature unique to humans, and when it detects movement by a person within 5 meters, it will turn on immediately; the lamp will remain on as movement continues.
Grote Industries

Tire pressure monitors for wide-base super singles
Fleet Specialties Co. has designed three Tire Sentry tire pressure monitoring systems for trucks and/or trailers with wide-base super-single tires. The automatic Tire Sentry systems continuously monitor for low tire pressure and will alert the driver of either an underinflated tire or a developing tire problem, the company says; the systems also can help maintain optimum tire pressure by advising when routine tire pressure maintenance is required.
Fleet Specialties Co.

Pneumatic wheel torque control wrench
Esco says its pneumatic wheel torque control wrench allows service personnel to torque wheel-attaching parts to torque values of plus or minus 5 percent. The 3⁄4-inch Model 10006, which weighs 15 pounds, is designed to remove attaching parts that have been overtorqued up to 1,169 ft.-lb. The tool is quiet and almost vibration-free, according to the company.

Battery, system tester
PulseTech Products Corp. describes its 390PT Digital Battery and System Tester as a battery health and starting systems analyzer that tests 6- and 12-volt batteries and systems, as well as 24-volt systems. The device is designed to test all lead-acid battery types, including VRLA (AGM and Gel) batteries, both deep-cycle and standard designs. The 390PT provides a graphical SOH (state of health) or SOC (state of charge) analysis for batteries, according to the company; the rugged unit is encased in a high-impact plastic case coupled with a durable shock-resistant rubber boot.
PulseTech Products Corp.

Duct tape
Whether the task is to seal, wrap, protect or color-code, Del City says its duct tape provides a moisture-resistant seal on nearly any surface and shape. According to the company, its multipurpose duct tape can withstand temperatures up to 200 degrees Fahrenheit and has a tensile strength of 22 pounds. The polyethylene film blankets over the entire length of the rubber adhesive, a standard 1.88-inch-by-150-foot roll.
Del City

DEF dispensing system
In an effort to help fleet and maintenance managers bring their vehicles into compliance with more stringent 2010 Environmental Protection Agency emissions standards, American Controls Inc. says it has developed a diesel exhaust fluid (DEF) dispensing system that works in conjunction with selective catalytic reduction (SCR) engines that require a steady flow of DEF – comprised of a solution of urea and water – to convert engine emissions into harmless levels of nitrogen and water vapor. Typical components of the DEF dispensing system include a pump, metering equipment, hoses and nozzles, and other fluid controls for transferring the urea solution from drums, totes or bulk storage tanks into the tank on the vehicle. The compact metering and dispensing equipment not only has a small footprint, it also is modified easily, according to the company, which says its engineers can custom-build a system to meet any fleet and maintenance manager’s or municipality’s fill needs.
American Controls Inc.

Vehicle power management system
LedCo-ChargeGuard says its latest ChargeGuard Select model expands upon its original automatic shutdown timer for mobile electronics by adding more user-friendly settings and diagnostic features. New features, according to the company, include more selectable sensing modes, protected terminals, easier setting of timeout delay switches, MIL-STD 810F compliance and improved high- and low-voltage surge protection with a new voltage diagnostic LED to indicate voltage problems.