TTI produces Vehicle Security Identifier

Trijay Technologies International Corp., a provider of mobile identification verification solutions, announced that it began production of its new VSI 1000 Vehicle Security Identifier. The VSI 1000 is designed to provide identity verification for vehicles by using smart card and fingerprint technologies. To enhance its features, it is designed and will be integrated with Global Positioning System (GPS) and Vehicle Data Logger (VDL) via RS232 serial communication.

The synergies of the VSI 1000 with GPS and/or VDL allow the system to advance those capabilities in fleet management, driving institutes, vehicle tracking and vehicle security systems, the company says. The VSI 1000 features the ability to read smart cards and fingerprint technology to secure driver authentication, a clear LCD display, easy installation into a standard CD or cassette compartment, software upgrade on the fly, and the ability to integrate with other systems via RS232, according to TTI.

Chuck Weiglin, TTI chief operating officer, says the VSI 1000 will be able to deliver vehicle status monitoring, vehicle distance, engine RPM, vehicle speed, driver behavior, stop-start time, speed violations, acceleration and deceleration, and ignition-on and -off.