YRC Logistics using TruckStops Vehicle Routing Software

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YRC Logistics announced that it has seen great success using TruckStops Vehicle Routing and Scheduling Software by MicroAnalytics Inc. The TruckStops Vehicle Routing and Scheduling software is designed to help fleet managers cut transportation costs and increase driver productivity while improving customer service.

“We have found great success by utilizing TruckStops in a variety of ways,” says Matt Williams, manager of logistics engineering at YRC Logistics. “Our design team can find creative ways to use the tool to meet complex customer delivery requirements. This has allowed us to present compelling optimized fleet solutions for potential new clients. For our existing clients, we are able to perform continuous improvement projects that have resulted in routing efficiency improvements, as well as the elimination of unnecessary equipment. It allowed the opportunity to reduce four trucks from one of our facilities that services a national specialty retailer, resulting in a tremendous savings.”

Mike Hooban, president of MicroAnalytics, describes the company’s TruckStops program as a powerful optimization tool. “We are confident YRC will continue to have success,” Hooban says. “The variety of ways of using the system, and the variety of needs it meets, show the power and flexibility of TruckStops and its value to YRC.”