Detroit Diesel , ESOC develop greener fuel system priming device

Detroit Diesel Corp. announced that it has collaborated with ESOC (Environmentally Safe Oil Change) Commercial Truck Inc., to develop an environmentally-safe fuel filter change system for its DD15 and DD13 engines.

The ESOC 350 was developed to prime the fuel system after the high-pressure fuel pump replacement occurs, with the fuel pressure being at least 70 psi for a minimum of two minutes to meet OEM specs. The ESOC 350 also can be used to prime the fuel system after a fuel filter change, according to the companies; one of the attributes of this device is to utilize the fuel from the engine, eliminating an outside source to fill the device with diesel fuel.

“ESOC Commercial Truck is delighted with the results and performance of the ESOC 350 to service and support Detroit Diesel programs,” says Vivek Bedi, managing director of ESOC Commercial Truck. “This has been a very exciting project that has been ongoing for more than 12 months. We are pleased to see this environmental application going to market.”

Another key benefit of the ESOC system is that it is safer for both technicians and the environment, according to the companies; the spill-free machine removes hazardous waste cleanup and eliminates the need for technicians to handle the fuel.

“Our customers continually challenge us to find environmentally-safe solutions, and our ESOC system certainly meets and exceeds expectations,” says Drew Plant, manager of support system development for Daimler Trucks North America. “By collaborating with ESOC Commercial Truck, we have together created a system that keeps our technicians safer and benefits the environment.”