Study: Diesel injection systems will require more efficient filtration

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Donaldson Co., a manufacturer of filtration systems and parts, recognized Phillip Johnson, director of liquid filtration new business development, for his work on “Fuel Filtration Reality Check,” a study that predicts that by 2010, diesel injection systems will require much higher-efficiency filtration and need to be significantly cleaner than the technology allows today.

Johnson delivered the study at the recent 9th International Filtration Conference hosted by Southwest Research Institute and was awarded the Peter Herman Award for Outstanding Technical Presentation. In the study, Johnson discusses how engine design and available fuel types have changed significantly in the past 20 years based on legislation, regulation and rapidly escalating oil prices.

Yet, fuel specifications and fuel filtration have seen little change. Johnson concludes that providing clean fuel throughout the distribution channel will become a prerequisite for diesel engine applications. He also outlines the filtration industry’s need for new standards and new “systems” technologies to measure fine particulate and other contaminants.

“Stakeholders — such as fuel companies, distributors, suppliers, engine manufacturers and filter companies — can no longer work in siloed environments within the supply chain to meet filtration requirements for engine manufacturers,” Johnson says. “Filtration solutions will need to take a ‘systems’ approach where we work in collaboration to provide the highest level of customer satisfaction.”

To read “Fuel Filtration Reality Check” in its entirety, click here or request a copy at 952-887-3034.