OPS, Polaris team for fluid testing, analysis

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Oil Purification Systems, developer and manufacturer of the OPS-1 onboard fluid cleaning system, announced a partnership with Polaris Laboratories to perform oil testing and analysis as part of the OPS Tru-Test Fluid Analysis program. OPS says fluid analysis provides a snapshot of what is happening inside equipment installed with its system, and allows companies to safely extend oil drain intervals, extend equipment life and minimize downtime by identifying minor problems before they become major failures.

“Polaris Laboratories is pleased to now include Oil Purification Systems in our broad family of customers whose operational objectives focus on the maintenance and repair of heavy-duty equipment,” says Brett Minges, vice president of sales for Polaris. “OPS provides us with the opportunity to access the Class 8 truck and heavy-duty equipment segments of the transportation and construction industries, while Polaris brings to OPS a unique blend of technician strength and market presence for OPS customers interested in maximizing existing oil drain levels.”

OPS says its Tru-Test program uses fluid analysis to identify dirt, wear particles and other contaminants that can cause failure or prematurely shorten equipment life. The company says fluid analysis with Polaris provides a solutions-based approach to maintenance backed by ISO 17025 A2LA accreditation – the highest level of quality attainable by a testing laboratory – ensuring that fluid analysis results are accurate, repeatable and traceable to a standard, and that all maintenance recommendations are useful and actionable. OPS says the Tru-Test program also allows its customers to access testing analysis and results quickly using Polaris’ Horizon software; this online reporting site provides customers with data analysis reports almost immediately after the lab processes a sample and interprets the results.

“OPS prides itself on providing best-in-class customer service, and fluid analysis is one additional way that we can go above and beyond just providing quality products,” says Greg Slawson, chief operating officer for Shelton, Conn.-based OPS. “Fluid testing and analysis is an extremely important factor for customers using the OPS-1 system. Partnering with Polaris means that we can be confident our customers are testing with a state-of-the-art laboratory, and has the highest possible level of accreditation.”