DriverTech adds new features to eLog

DriverTech — designers of the DT4000 TruckPC, a Windows XP-embedded onboard computing system with three modes of communications — announced today, April 27, several enhancements to its suite of eLog applications. The new features are designed to improve the accuracy of driver logs and make it easier for fleets and drivers to remain in compliance with hours-of-service (HOS) regulations.

“With the latest eLog updates, drive time is measured by the HOS application using the truck’s databus and is recorded on the DT4000 TruckPC,” says Mike Stephenson, product manager at DriverTech, based in Salt Lake City. “By putting the intelligence in the truck, driver logs are more accurate, and the process of managing HOS compliance and driver on- and off-duty status updates is more efficient.”

DriverTech says its eLog offering also now provides tools to help drivers during roadside inspections, including the ability to display and e-mail or fax logs from the cab of the truck. Previously, carriers had to print and fax driver logs, adding time and complexity to the process; now the driver can send the logs, and management will get a copy and see exactly what was sent, according to the company.

An additional enhancement to eLog is designed to allow driver managers to better utilize the system’s FleetWatcher online portal to view a suite of reports on driver statistics. Included are available driving and on-duty hours, current geographic location, HOS status and any active or past violations for individual and groups of drivers, according to DriverTech; this information leads to better decisions regarding driver resources, increasing productivity and utilization.

DriverTech says its eLog applications incorporate a fully automated electronic HOS system for compliance with Part