CarrierWeb adds route geofencing to website

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CarrierWeb, a mobile communication and information management service provider, announced the introduction of a new Web site, which adds enhancements to its solutions portfolio. These enhancements were created in response to feedback from customers and are designed to heighten security and increase operational efficiencies for carriers of all sizes.

CarrierWeb’s Always-On Route GeoFencing increases security by sending instant exception alerts when a truck deviates from its defined route. Route Fencing enables the customer to establish the route and set the boundaries. The CarrierWeb Always-On technology monitors where the truck is minute-by-minute along the route to ensure loads are safe and on time.

CarrierWeb’s Always-On Polygonal Landmarking enables customers to create irregularly shaped boundaries with unlimited points to precisely define a landmark and pinpoint the location of their assets. Fleets can now create an unlimited amount of Polygonal Landmarks in their yards or terminals and know exactly when their trucks are arriving or departing from a specific location, the company says.

“Many of our customers transporting sensitive loads that are at risk of being tampered with need minute-by-minute visibility to their assets at every point along the designated routes, in their terminals or at customer locations,” said John Marous, president and CEO of CarrierWeb. “These enhancements add a higher level of sophistication to our monitoring capabilities and provide customers with peace of mind and the ability to provide superior customer service.”