Pegasus TransTech offers Workflow 2010

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Pegasus TransTech today, July 14, introduced Transflo Workflow 2010, a solution designed to manage data, forms, documents and processes – all within specified time windows that drive critical on-time results. According to the company, Transflo Workflow 2010 improves operating efficiency and reduces costs by enabling a company to map and optimize virtually any business process.

Pegasus TransTech says the new solution can be used across platforms and departments, including billing, purchasing and human resources – any area that involves people, systems and data. Workflow 2010 is designed to help map a course of action, eliminate inefficiencies and enforce business rules going forward, leaving less to the memory of individual executives and managers.

Pegasus TransTech says the new solution, Workflow 2010:

  • Maintains the integrity of the flow, ensuring the right thing happens in the right sequence and at the right time;
  • Establishes consistent, repeatable processes that generate optimal results regardless of the specific individuals involved in the process;
  • Proactively notifies management when something doesn’t happen that should have happened; and
  • Measures and reports the duration of each task to manage productivity and streamline processes.
  • Beyond automating the flow of documents, Workflow 2010 is designed to enable a company to optimize processes, eliminate unnecessary paperwork and steps to reduce costs, increase accuracy, improve speed of service and show a measurable return on investment.

    “The introduction of Transflo Workflow 2010 offers clear cost benefits for our customers that is easy to install, support and use,” says Bob Helms, chairman and chief executive officer of Pegasus TransTech, based in Tampa, Fla.

    Pegasus TransTech also is the provider of Transflo 2010, a document management and imaging solution designed to efficiently process, store and quickly retrieve critical business documents.