Infrared motion-activated LED dome lamp

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Grote Industries has introduced a 12-volt version of its S100 LED WhiteLight surface-mount dome lamp that incorporates infrared motion activation, eliminating the need for an on-off switch. Like its 24-volt cousin, the 12-volt lamp is activated using a passive infrared motion sensor located in the lamp body, according to the company; the sensor is calibrated to recognize the heat signature unique to humans, and when it detects movement by a person within six feet, it will turn on immediately. Grote says the lamp will remain on as movement continues, and will stay on for three minutes after the last motion is detected.
All S100 LED dome lamps are engineered for durability using high-impact UV-stabilized polycarbonate material and feature moisture-resistant construction and a sleek look. Their thin 15-millimeter profile helps reduce the potential of objects colliding with the lamps, and they are engineered with wire channels to facilitate quick, neat installation. According to the company, the lamps utilize the latest surface-mount LED technology and generate a bright 300-lumen output with low amperage draw and minimal heat generation.
Grote says the S100 lamps, which also offer the performance benefits of the company’s proprietary LED WhiteLight technology, are suited for dry vans, utility vans, moving trucks and delivery vehicles, but currently are not recommended for refrigerated environments; a surface-mount infrared motion-activated LED dome lamp specifically designed for refrigeration applications is now in testing and is expected to be available in the near future.
Grote Industries

Front air suspension
Hendrickson Truck Systems Group now offers the Parasteer HD – a front air suspension designed for twin- and tri-steer specialty applications at Autocar – as a 14,600- and 20,000-pound-per-axle rating option on the Autocar ACX chassis. The system is targeted for use in a variety of vocational and construction applications, including concrete, crane, tank and other specialty trucks.

According to the company, Parasteer HD is designed with no fixed steer-axle spacing constraints, providing axle spacing flexibility and allowing the end user, chassis manufacturer and body manufacturer to work together to obtain the optimum weight distribution for the application; the weight of the Parasteer HD system remains constant as steer-axle spacing increases. Parasteer HD also is designed to provide a superior turning radius in addition to outstanding performance and handling; load equalization is achieved with a height control valve designed to adjust to the load, resulting in a constant ride height and comfortable ride.

Each Parasteer HD suspension utilizes two heavy-duty air springs per steer axle to share the load equally, facilitating excellent ride and performance; the air springs support the entire vertical load, cushioning the driver by isolating impacts from the road and offering more protection to the chassis and equipment. In addition, oversized rubber bushings require no lubrication, resulting in reduced regular maintenance, the company says.

Night vision system
Pana-Pacific describes FLIR’s PathFindIR Driver’s Night Vision System as a compact thermal imager that allows drivers to see up to four times farther in total darkness than they can see with their headlights. PathFindIR is designed to “see” heat, not light, so that drivers can see everything in front of them. The company says the kit includes:
·Thermal night vision camera with universal mounting bracket and hardware for securing and aiming the camera;
·High-resolution 7-inch LCD monitor with wide viewing angle, three PAL/NTSC camera inputs and one front panel-mount A/V input for the camera, earphone output jack, built-in speaker, mirror and normal image switch, button-controlled brightness and full-function remote;
·20-foot cable with an adapter that fits most monitor auxiliary-video in-jacks; and
·Installation instructions.
The camera, when mounted in its bracket, is about 3-by-3-by-4 inches. The cable exits the bottom side of the camera/mounting bracket. While the connection between the camera and cable is sealed against moisture, the camera must be mounted outside the cab of the vehicle, as it cannot “see” through glass, according to the company.

Day cab no-idle system
Bergstrom says it has developed a battery-powered air conditioning system designed specifically for day cabs. The company says the Nite Day Cab No-Idle System was developed in response to growing demand for solutions to reduce idling in the day cab industry, as well as increasing federal, state and local regulations against truck idling. The company says the Nite Day Cab No-Idle System utilizes one or two deep-cycle absorbed glass mat (AGM) batteries to power the air conditioning system; to maintain sufficient battery power to start the truck, the starting batteries are protected from discharge by a separator. Bergstrom says the system uses the same technology as its Nite Plus unit, but is installed as a split system; the compressor and evaporator are installed between the truck’s seats, and the condenser is mounted remotely to the exterior of the cab.

Bergstrom says when the system is in the air-conditioning mode, no fuel is used as it uses deep-cycle AGM battery power; with the optional heating unit, only 0.05 gallons per hour are consumed, and the battery is charged by the truck’s alternator during normal operation. The system runs quietly and requires minimal maintenance, according to the company; when the system is in air conditioning mode, the sound level doesn’t exceed 50 dBA.
Bergstrom Inc.

Rivetless covers for automatic brake adjusters
Haldex says its rivetless front and rear covers for its S-ABA Style Automatic Brake Adjusters are retained by an adhesive compound, eliminating the need for a retaining rivet. In addition, the rear cover has a grease relieve, creating a designed path for grease flow, which the company says enhances sealing and improves tamper resistance.

Protective coating
PPG Commercial Coatings says its DuraBull heavy-duty protective coating uses an advanced aliphatic polyurea coating technology, making it corrosion- and damage-resistant, and effective in protecting heavy-duty truck high-use work areas such as truck beds, trailer floors, running boards, steps and deck lids where nonskid surfaces are critical. DuraBull also is designed to provide a variety of texturing for the inside of cabs, cabinets and storage spaces. According to the company, DuraBull features include:
·Excellent impact and crack resistance;
·Superior performance at 1/3 the aftermarket film build;
·Dryness to the touch in minutes;
·Nonskid surface to keep cargo in place and avoid slips; and
·Availability in safety gray and black, with tinted color capability.
PPG says a variety of available finish textures combined with DuraBull’s color capability allow for a nearly unlimited range of potential applications.
PPG Commercial Coatings

Hydraulic disc brake rotor
Webb Wheel Products’ Aftermarket Business Unit says its hydraulic disc brake rotor, part number 54773P-65, is designed for front and rear truck applications with ABS. The 10-hole 54773P-65 weighs 38 pounds with a 6-inch pilot diameter and 7.25-inch bolt circle diameter. Webb says its rotors are made from a high grade of cast iron for long service life and maximum performance, and that its ABS rotors have corrosion-protective coating.
Webb Wheel Products

Reformulated stop leak
Bar’s Leaks says it has reformulated its Liquid Copper Block Seal Intake and Radiator Stop Leak to permanently seal larger leaks in gaskets, radiators, heater cores, intake manifolds, blocks, heads and freeze plugs. According to the company, Liquid Copper uses an advanced antifreeze-compatible sodium silicate liquid glass formula so that no draining of the cooling system is required. Bar’s Leaks says it works with all types and brands of antifreeze, including conventional green or blue (silicate-based) and extended life red/orange or yellow (OAT/HOAT) coolant.

Liquid Copper is formulated to stop leaks by forming a physical seal using organic and synthetic fibers, copper and an ionic-modified mineral; the seal forms as the coolant and product flow through the leak, and a wetting agent cleans the sides of the hole or crack to prepare the surface for bonding. The company says the first fibers catch on the side of the leak, building on each other to bridge the entire hole; the fibers then act as a sieve to trap more fibers, copper particles and minerals to create a composite seal. The seal is cemented with liquid glass, according to the company; as the temperature increases, the liquid glass hardens to make the seal permanent.

Bar’s Leaks says Liquid Copper will not harm the cooling system when installed properly, nor will it clog the cooling system or heater core; it can be used in any water-cooled vehicle, and one 18-ounce bottle treats cooling systems up to six gallons.
Bar’s Leaks

Fuel injector cleaner
Rislone says its Fuel Injector Cleaner with Fuel Conditioner & Treatment helps eliminate noisy injectors and fuel pumps, rough idle, hard starting and hesitation, while increasing vehicle power, performance and mileage. According to the company, the cleaner contains a blend of additives that clean and lubricate the entire fuel system – including fuel tanks, lines and injectors – and with continued use reduces carbon buildup that can cause preignition, power loss, burned valves and broken rings. Rislone Fuel Injector Cleaner is available in several sizes, including a single-use 6-ounce bottle, 32-ounce bottle, 5-gallon pail and 55-gallon drum. Rislone says the cleaner complies with federal low-sulfur content requirements for use in diesel motor vehicles and nonroad engines.

Scale for vocational trucks
Onboard scale provider Air-Weigh says it has designed a sensor and software configuration for vocational vehicles equipped with the Mack Camelback drive suspension. The configuration is available for Air-Weigh’s LoadMaxx product line, adding to the already-available scales for the Hendrickson Haulmaxx and HN series suspensions. Air-Weigh says its digital onboard scales feature an in-dash display that shows GVW, net payload, steer axle and drive axle weights. According to the company, the Camelback Scale – which can be installed on dump trucks, mixers and refuse vehicles that use the Mack Camelback drive suspension – incorporates its proprietary deflection sensor technology designed to provide accurate weight measurement on steer and drive axles with mechanical suspensions. Air-Weigh says its scales also are easy to install, calibrate and maintain, and offer PIN-protected dual point calibration, user-programmable alarms to indicate warning and overweight conditions, and multiple digital data interfaces capable of transmitting weight information to onboard computers.

Help with lifting wheels
Snap-on says its Blue-Point Wheel Lift Assist (YA1714) can do most of the manual lifting of tire and wheel assemblies from the vehicle to the tire changer, from the tire changer to the wheel balancer, and from the wheel balancer back to the vehicle. The device is designed to work on light trucks and 19.5-inch truck wheel and tire assemblies commonly found on medium-duty vehicles. It can hold up to 130 pounds of tire/wheel weight and 24 to 36 inches in tire diameter range, and can lift a tire/wheel more than 29 inches high, according to the company; it automatically adjusts for different tire sizes and helps the user easily align tire and wheel assemblies to the hub studs.

Obstacle detection system
Mobile Awareness says the SE (Sensor Enhancement) version of its SenseStat Obstacle Detection Sensor System family is a design improvement that maximizes protection of the sensors while providing greater mounting flexibility and reliability. SenseStat is designed to monitor four zones at the rear of a vehicle simultaneously, indicating the area closest to an object. The company says the device is accurate – within one inch – and is suited for use on commercial, offroad, lift truck and construction vehicles. Installation of SenseStat SE is easy and adaptable to most vehicle configurations, according to Mobile Awareness; the ruggedized mount, designed to maximize performance in harsh environments, can be installed directly on the vehicle vertically or horizontally, providing a level plane for optimum sensor positioning.

The current models available in the SE version are the Wireless (MA-ODSS-4M17W-SE), Wired Truck & Trailer (MA-ODSS-4M17TT-SE) and Wired Box Truck (MA-ODSS-4M17BT-SE). All feature an LED display that indicates the direction or location of an obstacle or person, display blanking until reverse gear is engaged, and a stop-line adjustment feature. The company says all systems can be installed in less than one hour on most vehicles and include a laminated user guide for driver education and reference.
Mobile Awareness

Replacement pump kits
The Racor Division of Parker Hannifin says its diesel pump kits are engineered and manufactured to meet stringent quality requirements and OEM specifications for long pump life, correct fit and outstanding performance. The kits – PFP58054, PFP58529 and PFP58565 – are designed to be installed into the chassis-mounted fuel/filter water separator pump assemblies.
Parker Hannifin

Lathe package
Ranger Products says its rugged-built RL8500 lathe package – which includes lathe, bench, adapters and other accessories – uses independent DC servo motors to control the cross-feed and spindle-feed drives, eliminating the need for complex mechanical gearboxes and transmissions typically found on mechanically-driven lathes. According to the company, the absence of gear-driven mechanical drives and variable-speed transmission devices helps reduce service and repair costs, while eliminating vibration – which typically is transferred to the tool tip, leaving irregular cuts in the machined finish – and chatter from gears, bearings and mechanical drive parts. Infinitely adjustable feed rates allow easy modification of cut speeds with the turn of a dial, Ranger says.
Ranger Products

Surface-mount LED warning light
Ecco says its 3510 surface-mount LED warning light is designed to offer maximum performance with minimum size. The slimline LED, which measures 3.3-by-1.1 inches and 0.4-inch deep, is comprised of 24 1-watt high-intensity LEDs in an ultra-compact housing, according to the company; this small footprint allows for mounting in almost any location on a vehicle body.

Synchronizable with additional 3510s – and the company’s 9010, 9011 and 9012 Hide-A-LEDs – the company says the warning light includes multiple flash patterns and is available in amber, blue, clear and red (colorless when not illuminated). Additional benefits, according to Ecco, include high-intensity light output, low current draw and long maintenance-free service life.

Variable-speed fan drives
Horton Inc. says its VMaster and Stratis Di Viscous Fan Drive and Controller systems offer an economical choice for customers who seek the flexibility of variable speed along with optimal engine cooling, reduced fuel consumption, decreased noise and more available horsepower for auxiliary components. The J1939-compatible controller is designed to combine with Horton’s VMaster or Stratis Viscous Fan Drive to complete the plug-and-play Di systems.

VMaster and Stratis Di Viscous Fan Drives and Controller are compatible with many Horton and competitive 20- to 44-inch-diameter plastic, metal and composite fans, according to the company. The systems – designed to offer precision fan control and improved cooling performance – are suited for off-highway equipment, vehicles and buses, including skid steers, truck cranes, cement mixers, refuse trucks, medium-duty trucks, agricultural equipment and generators.
Horton Inc.

Coiled air gladhand assemblies
Phillips says its line of coiled air gladhand assemblies helps reduce wear and tear on gladhands through coupling and uncoupling, lowering the potential of loose air brake connections and accidental uncoupling. According to the company, the gladhands are assembled to the air coils, where thread seal is used along with proper torque to facilitate a solid connection.
Phillips Industries

Drive tire
Toyo Tires says its M647 premium drive tire – designed for local, regional and long-haul highway applications – has a deep 30/32-inch tread to provide improved wear and long service life. The M647 is designed using Toyo’s proprietary e-balance technology designed to minimize the growth of the tread profile during operation, which helps to maintain a more uniform and flatter tread radius during the entire life of the casing, resulting in long wear. The company says the casing profile also is enhanced with the combination of e-balance profile retention technology and a high stiffness bead, while sheer strain is reduced at the belt edge area in the tread and in the bead. Irregular wear is reduced by incorporating high rigidity in the shoulder of the tire, thus improving the durability of the M647, according to Toyo; traction also is maintained over the life of the tread thanks to deep slits engineered into the design that are equal to the main groove depth.

The initial size offering of the Toyo M647 premium drive radial is a 295/75R22.5 in a 14-ply, load range G.
Toyo Tires

Combustible gas leak detector
Tracer Products says its Tracerline TP-9363 Pro-Chek CG Combustible Gas Leak Detector is suited for finding leaks in compressed natural gas (CNG) vehicles, acetylene welding tanks, propane tanks and more. It also detects gasoline, methanol, ethanol, methane, ethane, butane and other dangerous gases, according to the company. Tracer says the Pro-Chek CG features a three-position switch with a sensitivity slide that helps pinpoint the location of each leak. Additional features, according to the company, include a variable auto alarm and flashing yellow LED to determine the size of the leak, and an auto-zero function that blocks out background gas levels. The detector’s chrome-plated flexible metal probe is designed to hold its position in tight areas. The Pro-Chek CG comes with a sensor, two D-cell batteries and a rugged carrying case.
Tracer Products

Hand rivet tool
Alcoa Fastening Systems describes its Marson-brand HP-3 as a multifunctional hand rivet tool that offers powerful riveting capacity. The HP-3’s long, ergonomically shaped handles are designed to provide increased leverage during each pull, and for increased efficiency, the handle’s spring-loaded action is designed to hold the rivet in the nosepiece regardless of the tool’s positioning. The HP-3 comes with four nosepieces capable of setting 3/32-, 1/8-, 5/32- and 3/16-inch blind rivets in all alloys. Durability is enhanced by drop-forged steel handles, a powder-coat finish and a heat-treated aluminum body with steel insert.
Alcoa Fastening Systems