Oregon’s B2 biodiesel requirement begins in Aug. 5

Today, Aug. 5, Oregon becomes the third U.S. state to impose a minimum biodiesel blend requirement. The B2 blend mandate was triggered when Oregon’s biodiesel production capacity reached 5 million gallon. The requirement was established as part of renewable energy legislation passed in 2007.

Nine counties in northwest Oregon will lead the adoption on Aug. 5. The rest of the state will join by October 1.

Minnesota was the first state to enact a B2 requirement. In May, it was increased to B5. Washington State currently has a B2 requirement in place. Massachusetts will require diesel and home heating oil sold in the state to contain 2 percent biodiesel starting July 1, 2010. Pennsylvania also has a B2 requirement on the books, scheduled to be implemented January 1, 2010.