McLeod Software releases responsibility filtering module

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McLeod Software has released its Responsibility Filtering Module, developed to function with the company’s 9.2 versions of LoadMaster IX and PowerBroker II released in April 2009. The new module enables customers to effectively restrict user access to operational data and assign business unit responsibility based on their company’s unique hierarchal structure.

The new module provides outside agents full LoadMaster or PowerBroker functionality while restricting agent access to their assigned orders and movements. This is done by assigning a primary code determined by level of responsibility to data elements such as agents, users, drivers, customers, locations and tractors. The responsibility assignment limits users to certain menu options, and within those screens only their orders, locations and customers can be accessed. Order responsibility is assigned at order entry and movement responsibility at the time of pre-assignment or dispatch of equipment.

For larger companies that have dedicated or separate business units, the Responsibility Filtering Module allows for restricted user access to orders and movements for which they are responsible. The module allows customers to assign up to five levels of company hierarchal structure to users, customers, carriers, locations, drivers, tractors and trailers. For example, an administrator can assign multiple location responsibility (for different company hierarchal levels, such as terminal, region, division) to an operations manager while assigning a particular terminal only to a restricted-access user like a dispatcher who works for a dedicated operation at that location.

The module also offers new reporting capabilities, making it simple to maintain a historical record of the business unit responsible for revenues regardless of how the organization’s structure may change in the future.