Dossier to integrate with NAPA onsite parts program

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Arsenault Associates, provider of Dossier maintenance management software, has joined with parts distributor NAPA in that company’s Integrated Business Solutions program. Arsenault Associates says users of Dossier software who also employ the NAPA Integrated Business Solutions program will be able to enjoy simplified workflows and automation of parts management and tracking.

NAPA integration with Dossier means that the shop repair order number also becomes the purchase order number for parts, eliminating steps in the ordering process, according to the company; automated data exchange between NAPA TAMS (Total Automotive Management, inventory management and point of sale system) and Dossier then automatically populates the Dossier database with parts used details, including part number, VMRS code, quantity and cost. The NAPA integration will be available in Dossier 5.1, now in beta testing.

The NAPA Integrated Business Solutions Program is designed to reduce the overall cost of an onsite parts department by reducing the inventory investment, lowering the cost of transactions, increasing productivity and providing single source billing. The program also is designed to protect a fleet from concerns about possible inventory shrinkage, devaluation and obsolescence.

The Dossier-NAPA integration is designed to enhance shop productivity by streamlining parts management so technicians return quickly to their primary jobs. Because parts usage data is captured automatically and applied to the appropriate repair orders, time-consuming and error-prone data re-entry is eliminated, according to the companies.

“This is an exciting step for Dossier customers and for the maintenance community,” says Bob Hausler, vice president of marketing and technology for Arsenault Associates, based in Burlington, N.J. “Dossier integration with NAPA IBS program brings us closer to a long sought goal – a seamless flow of information through Dossier from the shop floor and outside vendors, from the parts room, from remote technicians and from rolling vehicles themselves all the way to the executive suite through ERP and enterprise management systems.”

Dossier 5.1, which includes NAPA integration, is planned for commercial availability in September.