Mobileye introduces new driver-safety system

Mobileye Inc. announced the introduction of the C2-170, a driver-safety system developed specifically for aftermarket applications in passenger and fleet vehicles. The Mobileye C2-170 is a comprehensive, single camera-based safety solution for accident prevention and mitigation, the company says.

With its compact, versatile and streamlined design, the C2-170 only uses minimal “real estate” in the vehicle. Based on the company’s vehicle- and lane-detection technologies, the new product employs “EyeWatch1,” a high-visibility windshield or dash-mounted visual sensor unit. Incorporating design elements recommended by distributors from throughout the world, “EyeWatch1” utilizes a smaller more versatile screen with high-density visual indications, which feature clearer, more powerful display icons when compared with preceding technology, the company says.

A three-in-one safety solution for accident prevention and mitigation, C2-170 provides drivers with warnings against collision with a vehicle ahead, unintended lane-departure and insufficient distance-keeping. Featuring high-intensity color-coded visual icons, C2-170 reduces the occurrence of accidents and related costs while improving safety through the usage of turn signals, breaking patterns and headway keeping, the company says.

“We’ve positioned the C2-170 as our flagship product for passenger vehicles, given its sleeker, more ergonomic aesthetics,” says Skip Kinford, chief executive officer of Mobileye Inc. “Considering the cost-effectiveness of its price point, the C2-170 Is destined to be the popular choice for safety-conscious consumers.”

The C2-170 joins Mobileye’s line of Advance Warning System (AWS) aftermarket driver assistance products, which respond to the ever-increasing role that driver distraction plays in accidents and fatalities. Mobileye driver assistance technologies, such as forward collision warning (FCW), headway monitoring (HMW) and lane departure warning (LDW) systems, help alert drivers to potentially life-threatening situations.